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Tiki Month 2019 - The Rum Barrels

Before I get back on track with the Rum Keg and the scholarly research thereon, I wanted to touch upon the matter of the most famous drink named after the liquor + some containment unit. The Rum Barrel.

Many places have many variations.

Like the Navy Grog, this is one of those drinks that seems to beg bartenders to give it a personal spin. In reading up on the Don the Beachcomber version, the Steve Crane version, the Mai Kai version (This is one of the drinks in my heavy rotation when I visit.) and Jeff "Beachbum" Berry's "Bum Barrel" I decided to streamline and synthesize.

This is the version I have for personal home consumption
2 oz silver "Spanish-style" rum (I like Bacardi Heritage or Cana Brava, but use Cruzan for a crowd. Any white/silver rum from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, etc. will work.)
2 oz dark Jamaican rum (Myer's if for a crowd, otherwise use whichever Kohala Bay DIY blend you prefer. I like 5:1:1 Coruba:Hamilton Black:OF…

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