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A quick catch up, and my New Year's (2019) resolution.

Dear Internet,

Much on which to bring you up to speed.

Where we last left things I was going to add details to our New Orleans trip. Which I will, including a HERETICAL recipe for weeknight Jambalaya. There are two short takeaways for now. 1- For you to have even "meh" food in New Orleans you have to make a Herculean effort. Even then, you may not get down to "meh" level quality. Everyone there, and I mean EVERYONE, is hyper-serious about food. There's a saying which seems very true: The reasons the restaurants* are so good is because every home cook is so good.

Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29 is a near flawless gem. My only teeny gripe is that it has windows which let in light and/or a views from the street. The staff is great, the happy hour specials are great, the drinks -- both classics and new ones alike -- are great, and the prices will give you reverse sticker shock. We went there three times on that trip, and it was only a five day trip.

Anyway, pictur…

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