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Trying something for Tiki Month 2018

Every February, the formidable Doug Winship catches tropical fever and then goes off spreading it around. Because my credo is noblesse oblige, I chip in.

This particular chip - let's call it the Fauxkilau pending a better name - is a riff (based on what I had on hand) on Hurricane Hayward's tribute recipe for The Hukilau:

¾ oz fresh-squeezed orange juice
¾ oz fresh-squeezed lime juice
¾ oz fresh-squeezed lemon juice
¾ oz fresh-squeezed ruby grapefruit juice
½ oz honey
1 oz passion fruit syrup (½ oz each, frozen-then-thawed passion fruit pulp -- Goya is my favorite brand -- and 1:1 syrup)
¼ oz cinnamon syrup
½ oz espresso
1 oz light rum (say, Cruzan)
1 oz dark Jamaican rum (Coruba or Myers)
1 oz aged "Spanish-style" rum (Bacardi 8 or Flor de Caña 7, etc.)

* You may need to add ½ oz to 1 oz of sugar syrup depending on your taste and the sweetness of the fresh juices. (You can always add, but you can't take out.)

1) Dissolve the honey in the hot espresso first, le…

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