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The New Orleans Trip

Dear Internet,

As it turns out, my beloved and I, yr. obdt. svt., celebrated 25 years of wedded bliss this past May. We had decided to go on a sort-of-second honeymoon. Now, as most of the oldtimers here will recall, my beloved (Codename TFBIM, for the new kids) has fairly traditional thoughts on travel.

Go to the Top of the List places and do the Top of the List stuff. Me, eh...not so much.

I developed a simple philosophy: It's impossible to go to a major metropolitan area, stay at a 5-star hotel, and have a bad time. It doesn't matter if it's Sydney, St. Louis, San Francisco, or whatever.

After much effort I was able to put this theory into operation in the late autumn of 2016. We got a STEAL on three nights at a 5-star hotel in Philadelphia and equally cheap airfare and so we went, me curious to see if this would pan out as expected, and she with I'm-going-to-humor-him trepidation. In her mind, Philadelphia, as a vacation destination, wasn't, y'know, UP THE…

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