Delights at every corner

Yesterday was one of those rare days when I had to put in a full-and-then-some workday. I had to schlep out to Ft. Myers to meet with some bank people. When I left sunny Miami, all was...well...sunny. The directions faxed to me said I needed to exit I-75 ("the 75" for you left-coasters) at exit 131. On or about midway there it begins to pour torrentially.


By exit 101, traffic had ground to an utter halt, but it was noon and while I was hungry, my meeting wasn't until 2pm and I could cope with the nutritional annoyance. But next thing I know, I am by exit 128 and it's 1:45pm. I immediately pulled off to the shoulder and proceed at a 30mph canter, praying there would be no local (or state) constabulary wishing to soak me, literally or financially as a result of my transgression. I managed to arrive--having called ahead--15 minutes late, deeply garnet with embarrassment.

The meeting itself ran only 30 minutes, so at 2:45pm, I headed home. When did I get home?



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