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Wherein the milk of human kindness curdles a bit

Stolen from...oh, Hell...pretty much everyone

You know whom to blame (REVISED)

Ooops, I did it again.

In case youse/y'all were wondering...

You Can't Get There From Here (Pt. 2, The Haiku)

You can't get there from here. (A cautionary tale)

I'm here, I steer, get used to it.

So you know.

Doing Father-and-Son things

How Things Work...(New in a series)

A ray of hope for this spring

The truth will out

Things without which you oughtn't live. Pt. 1

Only because there was no possibility of being rated "Wanton Libidinous Trollop"

Well, if I don't blog this, how else would anyone know?

Staring down the barrel of the .44 Magnum of geekness

The perils of being a civilized gentleman

A scam of the worst sort.

Take Your Blogger To Work Day

Given that Poppy simply must be humored...

All doubtlessly true, of course.

Underrated films (REVISED)

Furniture crisis--solved! (I hope.)