Magazines, magazines everywhere and not a page to read.

Blackbird posted today on why she and Real Simple magazine are divorcing. Which got me thinking on magazines and my eleventy gazillion subscriptions.

As of today, I receive the following general-ish interest magazines:

Budget Travel (a freebie)
Cook's Illustrated
Alfa Owner
Sports Car Market
American Bungalow
Road & Track (another freebie)
Home Theater
Men's Health (yet another freebie)
Disney Magazine
Old House Journal

I'll almost certainly let the freebies lapse, and one of the two house magazines will likely not survive the renewal process. Now, there are some magazines that are "me" and in particular, those are Octane, Italia! and Cook's Illustrated. Sad thing is 2 of the 3 are published in the UK. Octane kinda captures best my lifestyle, but still leaves out huge chunks. I have every issue and after 3 years it has yet to stale.

Some magazines ceased publication (I particularly lament the demise of W Magazine's brother, M), such as Grilling and Longboard but many just stop being the magazine with which I fell in love. The list of these is pretty ceaseless: Esquire, GQ*, Metropolitan Home, Eating Well, Travel & Leisure, Traditional Home and Renovation Style. Sometimes this happens after, say, a buyout or some other organizational change, with the change being pretty rapid and drastic. I've never been one of those "Cancel my subscription!" idiots, but I cannot say the temptation hasn't been there.

Sometimes the concept just gets stale for me. Italian Cooking and Life is one such magazine. I know my long-suffering wife eventually got pretty bored with Martha Stewart's Living. I suspect that American Bungalow is not long for this mailbox either.

However, you are all commended to check out Octane magazine.


* Ironically, GQ began to suck around the time that M magazine came out, then M folded and now I am stuck with neither.


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