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...and the hits just keep on coming.

Things, they sucketh mightily

Updated annoyances

Remain calm, all is (sorta) well

The Rebuttal


Just some random things

Thanksgiving 101 - The Salad

What Poppy is missing from her playlist

Thanksgiving 101 - The Soup

Thanksgiving 101 - The Syllabus

His 15 minutes of fame are up

As you can see, Poppy was right.

Hear me now and believe me later.

Intensive Retail Therapy [REVISED]

Retail therapy

Back on a foodie kick


Like Navin Johnson*

Stats! (Blackbird gave me the idea...)

Life is good, or at least, good-ish.

Precisely the sort of idiotic thing which amuses me

JokeBlog JukeBox

I'm a grocery sIut, I admit it.

The JokeFest Committee

It's not all giant snakes eating giant alligators and vice-versa...

Don't ask me why I did this, but...

More happy place thinking

It is! It IS one of those weeks!

Why, despite all the hurricanes and heat and humidity, I can't move away from SoFla

Oy. One of these weeks.

Scary Porno Spam

No, really.