Mo' Christmas pix

Those whom I've offsprung, casing the joint for their big heist of 12/25/05.
The basic Christmas setup in the living room. Dig the Disney monorail in lieu of a train. Why California's Orange Stinger is right next to Florida's Contemporary Resort is due to TFBIM's artistic license.


BabelBabe said…
monorail, monorail, monorail...any simpsons' fans??

cute kids. they look all christmassy and whatnot in their red plaid pjs.
Gina said…
I just saw a Simpsons clip show last night that featured "Monorail"! :-)

Beautiful boys who are *clearly* on their way to breaking numerous hearts.
blackbird said…
I have never seen a single moment of the Simpsons.

the kids are awfully cute though.
Gina said…
Say it ain't so, Blackbird! And then have a look at this
Joke said…

What happened to your blog???

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