There are advantages... being Just. F@#$%ing. Wiped.

Namely the Christmas freakout thing. I simply cannot be made to care about pomanders or whether this winter will be (by FL standards anyway) cold enough to warrant worrying about whether the flue is blocked or what.

All I have to worry about is getting a Christmas present for TFBIM. I already, thanks to the lovely and gracious Poppy, managed to score a pretty neat birthday gift for her. (Those of you who pay attention may remember the post was up for a day or so, before TFBIM could have spotted it) Now all I need do is find something snazzy for Christmas and I am set.

While working the trade show I had a life-altering experience. Think of something that could conceivably alter your political, religious and/or sexual orientation and then back it off just a shade. I discovered the ULTIMATE coffee machine, the Lavazza Espresso Point. It's a capsule/pod system but not one of these numbnuts versions. This was the real deal. For those of you who have had to put up with my ramblings on the matter, my apologies while I catch up the new recruits.

I really, truly hate "regular" coffee. I find it watery, insipid, bitter and have I mentioned "watery?" So I opt for my coffee intake to be taken in the espresso family and not just espresso but what the Italians call ristretto. That is, even more concentrated and stronger. Normally I take a double of that (i.e. the size of a regular espresso shot, but with twice the coffee).

Anyway, this gizmo shot out a gorgeous shot, with a thick head of crema (such things are usually only in the realm of gigabuck professional machines) of such body you'd swear the sugar cube couldn't sink. All in an idiot-proof mode that takes all of 30 seconds. I am in love. I want one. (Yes, it's a gazillion dollars, I know.) If you can raise the nut, you simply must get this.

Anyway, Christmas time is here, to quote the Peanuts gang. On the plus side there is THE Christmas Special, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" the program by which all others are measured. On the minus side there is that "12 Days of Christmas" song which, I predict, will one day cause me to snap.

The good thing is that there is a scheduled trip--if the good Lord's willin' and the creek don't rise--to Chicago. Good because there is much filthy lucre involved AND a chance to loiter with Poppy and TSMSM as well as some excellent shopping.

That is all,



Sarah Louise said…
I want to post something on the 12 days song, but I will restrain I'll just say good luck gift hunting. I am getting closer to being there myself, but I have the added fun of doing a birthday and Christmas gift each for both of my siblings (whose birthdays fall right before and right after Christmas).

aaampysq: animals anger amelie. pygmies squealing--she is livid.

I wonder what a word verif haiku would be like...
BabelBabe said…
the MOST fun I have had, even more so than shopping for the boys, although that was a blast indeed, was the virtual "shopping" I did. Try it out for some serious stress relief.
Joke said…
I am totally stealing your virtual shopping thing. In fact...I suggest you make it your "thing" like BlackBird has the show-n-tell.

Just a thought.


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