Drop whatever you are doing

This goes for all the people here who:

1- Consume spirituous distillates
2- Have semi-trained palates or better (or think they do)


This is even better than Glacier (which I still adore), if such a thing is possible. It's just as smooth as Glacier, but without the appalling insipidity so emblematic of vodka...instead it's also got a kinda marc/grappa kinda edge going.

Ignore the recipes at the website, which all seem to trumpet "Hey! This stuff is from TEXAS!" and like many of these things, that falls flat. (Vodkatini with a jalapeƱo? Nuh-uh.)

Still, get it. Hell even BADGER can find it.


P.S. It is glorious, served very chilled, with Hackleback Sturgeon Caviar from Carolyn Collins in Chicago.


Badger said…
Well it's ABOUT DAMN TIME you tried this stuff and got back to me. I only asked about it on my blog back in May of 2005, is all. It's a good thing I'm patient and shit.

You can buy this stuff EVERYWHERE down here. And now, I shall.

In return, I give you www.pandora.com.

You're welcome.
Joke said…
It's just now coming into SoFla. I got back to you as soon as circumstances allowed.


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