I'm a "Them"

BB wants to see our computers. I lent out the camera so I have to use the stock photos:

In the interests of full and open disclosure, I hate Macintosh computers. In the us vs. them thing, I am proudly, openly, unabashedly, completely, clearly, ardently, actively, evangelistically a Them.

A lot of Macheads will tell you a Mac will do anything a PC can do which is both patently untrue and ab initio absurd. When you find any of the major financial analysis, or financial reporting or securities analysis software packages available for the Mac, call me. While you are at it, let me know how the igloos in Hell are holding up.

(While there may be Macs capable of working as HD media servers for the home, I haven't heard of any. Not that it'd matter a damn to me if I ever do.)

I have never, ever owned a single Apple product. Not an Apple, Apple II*, Lisa or any flavor of Mac. Sure as Hell not getting a ::shudder:: iPod or spending a dime on iTunes. Which is all to the good, because EVERYONE I have ever met in flesh-life with a Mac has had (in)numerable reliability issues and cheerfully spent ridiculous sums and prodigious amounts of time on repairs. Even vintage Italian/English car fans shake their heads at such manifest masochism.

My own computer experience started in 1980 when, for Christmas, I got an original IBM PC. This thing was built like an anvil and withstood, quite literally, 12 years of hotrodding. I had one or another flavor of IBM until they farmed out the whole thing to China and, frankly, I don't do bizness with Commies where I can help it. So then I went HP and here I am. Living Apple-free in the 21st Century.

However, I do watch Pixar films.


* I did love the Apple II commercial with Dick Cavett, though.


Badger said…
We are also an Apple-free household, owing to the fact that the menfolk ovah heah tend to work for Giant Acronyms.
blackbird said…
I believe that K would be the first person to agree with you regarding your position.
There is no way in hell you could possibly do what you do for a living on a Mac.

And there is no way on God's earth that he could produce, write, shoot, and edit commercials for the Giant Acronymns on a PC.

Meanwhile, I still like you.
Poppy Buxom said…
We swim in a sea of tolerance around here; I have never owned anything but a Mac, and TSMIM has never owned anything but an IBM PC, Dell, or whatever.

He uses my Mac desktop with a separate hard drive to work his iPod magic (he has two, totalling 60 gigs of capacity.) Meanwhile I play games, surf, and check my email with his laptop.

Computationally speaking, we're Unitarians.

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