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Yesterday was a glorious SoFla day, clear and cool and ::cough, cough:: breezy. We had planned to meet the Poppies over on this side since we had an "in" at one of these impossible-to-get-into restaurants where we'd regale them with tapas and so forth. But Poppy, who'd had a tiring travel day, suggested (in her inimitable way) we go to SoBe* and I am glad we did.

We went to LeBon--coincidentally adjacent to my fave Italian restaurant in SoBe--where mussels were consumed. By the bucket. Literally. As was Belgian beer, not quite by the bucket, but close. There were also amazing fries, made by someone in the kitchen who actually cut actual potatoes into sticks and fried them in EVOO made from olives alone. With a mayonnaise (to dip veritablemente a la Belge) which probably was made and not scooped from a jar with an expiration date.

This is why we love Poppy. Now I have a new secret spot in SoBe AND, if you take it light with the fries, the whole meal is like a week in a spa.

Anyway, after a slow, leisurely lunch in which we exerted our capacity to be a poor influence on Poppy as re. having cappuccino in lieu of ::shudder:: regular coffee, we had to walk off the mussels and air out our livers in the sea breezes coming in from the Atlantic. Poppy and I walked ahead, usually, subjecting all the tasteless and ridiculous (of which SoBe has a surfeit) to our derision and sarcasm. Of note:

1- The store which sold works of art that can best be described as soft-core Braille porn-in-glass.
2- The store that sold silver lamé mukluks, for that Nanook Of The North Star look.
3- Myriad stores that sold women's apparel in the hope there will soon be a Bag Lady Vogue magazine.

Many of these comments are unprintable and many more evaporated with the ethanol exiting our collective pores. But it was fun and we laughed and for the 1st time in the triumvirate of occasions where we have hung out, we were all without the people we have offsprung. This made the day last far less than we would have hoped. Although we noticed that a the people who bought out a client of mine (Tropical Cigar) have a bar and were touting their Dirty Mojito (a mojito made with "raw sugar") which I'd like to try. (Taking notes, Badge?)

As usual, our spice walked several paces behind, probably conspiring their meeting, those scalawags.

At some point, noon turned into 4:Something and we had to say buh-bye after a most excellent afternoon, thinking bittersweet thoughts of the fact this year our Spring Breaks won't coincide.



* MLK weekend is also Art Deco weekend and SoBe gets impossibly crowded and parking becomes a nightmare but we were far enough north of the Art Deco district to be able to manage to actually find parking. By the time we left, things had become pretty tough parkingwise.


Badger said…
Que es "raw sugar" and where does one obtain it? And is it the rawness that makes it dirty? Or should we not wash the limes first? Or our hands? Or what?
Joke said…
Raw sugar is also known as "turbinado" sugar and the most famous brand is "Sugar In The Raw" like so:


Joke said…
P.S. It also requires dark vs. light rum.
Badger said…
Oh! (forehead smack) I actually have that! And also dark rum. But sadly, no mint at present. LMK how it is if you get to try one before me.

Oh, and smooch Poppy for me, while you're at it!
Joke said…
The dark rum/raw sugar thing gave it a sort of caramel-ish something that didn't quite work for me. IMCO, the lime needs something along the lines of a clear hit of sweetness and caramel doesn't play well with lime.

And Poppy IS the best. She says the most appalling stuff that would leave normal people shaking their heads in stunned silence and make me laugh.

blackbird said…
you know,
I might be available during spring break --
I curse like a sailor, am terribly amusing, drink like a fish and love to eat and shop.

I'm only saying.
Joke said…
Do you have a REALLY cruel (and yet funny) sense of humor?

Badger said…
If you have to ask, then obviously you and the Bird have not corresponded off-blog.

Which is to say, I will vouch for her.
Poppy Buxom said…
Come to think of it, I have done precious little off-blog corresponding. Except with Joke, of course.

This must--and should--be rectified, and eftsoons.

Please notice my gmail account information on my blog under the place where it says "my profile," and if you ever have anything cruel, yet funny to say, feel free to sling it along. A girl can never have enough cruel funniness.

Sarah Louise said…
...and this benefitted humanity how? Glad yins had fun!
Joke said…
Because now Badge knows what goes into a "dirty" mojito, and Poppy got to hang out with pals in the total absence of children offsprung by her or anyone else.

Not enough for me to be canonized, but at least enough to earn a "venerable."


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