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This is for Gina, who is doing the whole support/we'll do it together thing for a pal:

I'm going to rummage for recipes which meet the criteria you need and--watch this, now--most importantly, don't suck. I won't snitch if you have a (real) burger or (real) pizza, but if you so much as look at anything in the Junk Food family, I'll narc on you like you were both Rosenbergs.



Gina said…
I love you, Mr. Rosenberg. :-)
Joke said…
Part of the trick--and this falls under the umbrella of AMHIK--is not to give up any one thing (except $#!+ snacks). You just figure out what you love that is also healthy and double the portion of that and then take the stuff you love but isn't so good for you and halve it.

There are myriad ways to "stretch" the bad stuff so it seems like more, but basically the idea is to minimize the likelihood of deprivation turning to temptation.

More later.


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