In which Job says:

"Whoa, that does suck."

Yesterday we found out my FiL has apparently left my MiL. Just the thing TFBIM needs when she's facing 70-hour workweeks.

Joy abounds, lemme tell ya.



Badger said…
Yipes! That sucks A LOT. Good thoughts, etc.
blackbird said…

I'll be thinking on you...
jujube said…
I'm so sorry. prayers being said.
Poppy Buxom said…
Oh dear. I've been through this. It sucks like Pamela Anderson on her honeymoon.

Sorry to say this, but you can expect much insanity.

Give TFBYM a big hug from me and TSMIM.

xxx and ooo
Badger said…
Do I have to TM that Pam Anderson expression? DO I?!

Ahem. Back to the good thoughts, etc.
Sarah Louise said…
If I had a candle to light, it would be lit for you and TBTYM. Sending a few cyber-hugs and kisses, xxxooo

Poppy Buxom said…
Oh no! I need to come up with something original. The pressure's on. I'm sweating like OJ on the stand.

OK, it sucks like an twelve-cylinder Electrolux.

But it still sucks.
BabelBabe said…
ouch. good thoughts to you and TFBYM, and her mom. Her dad...maybe not so much, just a good smack upside the old head.
Joke said…
He would seem to be deserving of much smackage, sans doute.


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