Now Begins My Magic Spell

Dear Internet,

Effective 7am yesterday, and running through 4/17/06, I am a mishmash of single dad, stay-at-home-father, and househusband. This is because it is tax season and TFBIM is out doing returns and meeting with clients and all that.

Fortunately, I am blessed to have my office time cut by 60% (ma-a-a-a-a-aybe 20 hour weeks until June) and so I will be the lone dad when NOS's school has meetings of the room moms, or schlepping either kid to the pediatrician. I will pay the bills, arrange for teh plumber or the electrician or the a/c guy to fix whatever breaks, and all that. I will also get to shop a lot, which isn't the man's man sort of thing to do, but then again, instruments have yet to be invented that can accurately measure how little I care. I sense a wave of madras about to overwhelm me.

I will also get to blog more, cook more (TFBIM will get amazing leftovers whenever she rolls in), do dad-and-the-boys stuff more and otherwise do a dress rehearsal for the day aliens vaporize TFBIM.

I will also roll around town in the new (to me) car which giveth not suck.

As you were,



Badger said…
If TFBYM does get vaporized by aliens, I am SO calling the cops on your ass.
Peg said…
It's always interesting what makes someone de-lurk. Joke, I'm de-lurking because I love so very much not the fact you'll be the only dad in the room mom meetings, but that you embrace it. My dad was the only dad at the Mothers' Day Brunch my second grade class had, and thanks to him, the sky did not fall, because I wasn't the only kid without a parent at the stupid brunch. He should have been sleeping after getting off the midnight shift.

In all my lurking I've come to believe you kick-ass at Dadness.
Joke said…
I embrace it for two reasons. Well, maybe two-and-a-half.

1- We're talking about my kids.
2- I get a perverse glee in doing ridiculously over-the-top things for, say, bake sales.
2.5 - I remember Mr. Mom, and kinda dug it.

blackbird said…

(word verification is girtmtxv, which I believe has something to do with girls transferring responsibilities to men due to taxes verily...but maybe it's just me.)
Joke said…
PS: Peg, National DeLurking Week was last the highest grade you can get on the makeup is a B.

Next time, Gryffindor loses 10 points.


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