Poppies, Poppies!

Dear Internet,

Well, today Poppy and TSMSM are winging their way southward to Miami and during the precious little free time at their disposal, we are to meet and luncheonize. This makes 3 times in 5 weeks we have seen them. What makes this even more remarkable is that we have met them in that time in three separate states AND that we live something like 72 states apart. Very cool.

In the meantime I await the delivery of the car I hope doesn't suck. I got to drive this car when I went to look it over and it's a LOT faster than the car it is replacing. Not to mention a lot prettier (I prefer all black as opposed to the beagle-ish white/tan/black combination of The Car That Must Not Be Named) and in much nicer shape with far fewer needs. So let's see.

More later.



blackbird said…
dear god, I can only hope the DELIVERY goes as planned...I haven't even gotten a chance to worry about THE CAR itself.

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