Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

As you guys may know, St. Valentine's Day is crouching in the tall grass immediately behind us.

Among the things I was considering for TFBIM, to show her my immense gratitude for putting up with me lo these many years without throwing me under a reaoer or thresher, was a set of the Harry Potter books in the Easton Press-like leather editions. She already has the first two. But, where things fall apart is in the Books 3-6 department.

See, the good and wise folk at Scholastic have never released the 3-6 in the nice leather edition. NOW, in the UK, this is not so. Some books have trickled out in "full monty" versions in morocco leather. I nearly began fibrillating when I saw those books cost--watch this, now--





I quote the late Richard Pryor: "I love ya baby, but g-d damn."


Your mission--since I know this blog is read by avid HPphiles and research librarians, sometimes one and the same--is to find for me books 3-6 in fancy-schmancy all-leather editions with the gilt edges and acid-free pages. I'm willing to go $1K* and massive public adulation and obsequious gratitude on this here blog.

Awright, have at it.


* This may be the insomnia talking.


Is that what she really wants or what you want to give her?
Joke said…
This is on her list of wants. It's the only non-jewel/crystal/bauble.

You need to go to Italy and find a book binder who can make you the leather covers to match those of the first two. Purchasing at the UK prices is insane, may I repeat insane. Search for a leather craftsman in the US and you can get the same result for less.
BabelBabe said…
your mission, should you choose to accept it....

may I note that you are INSANE? But I will do what I can at work on Sunday...
Joke said…
Spending up to $250 on a book is mildly daft. Spending $5500? THAT is insane.

Sarah Louise said…
Yeah, I'd go the Italian route. Besides, it would be the ITALIAN route. Besides, they do really good book publishing there. Kudos and luck to Bbabe--who is a "reference librarian." I only play a "children's librarian" on TV when I'm not typing the Dewey Decimal numbers up for a book...
BabelBabe said…
geez, whence the snark?

i'll do what i can...
BabelBabe said…
and i am actually a reference librarian - it's in my job title, no need for quotes.
Joke said…

1- That wasn't snark, honest!
2- I never put quotes on anything, honest!

Sarah Louise said…

It was not a snark, honest. And the quotes were for emphasis, nothing else. If anything, the snark was on me, who is too timid to take on the gargantuan task. I commend you, Babelb, for trying.

BabelBabe said…
ok, ok. perhaps my flu-addled brain was feeling a little fragile and weepy and put-upon...I'm sorry.

I do so hate quotation marks, they really snark me off. Now I feel like I am completing an SAT question.

Ohmigod, someone's phone just rang in the library and it's the theme from The Godfather. I feel better already. I am off to brew yet another cup of tea with honey and down some more tylenol. perhaps i'll be back to normal self shortly.
Joke said…
Steep some ginger in the tea.

Sarah Louise said…
I Love the Internet!! Where else can I go to Joke's blog to hear how Babelb's cold is?

BB-Any luck on the HP quest? I may touch this with a ten foot pole on Wednesday, when I have desk time. Tomorrow I'll be affixing labels to things like 101 Dalmations on VHS, and discovering the Dewey # for Heads of State (oh, sorry, it's 923.1) Sorry, I had to do that. It's only because I'm jealous that you know how to search better than I because you get real questions, not "Where are the books on gray wolves?" (599.773) Notice I only used quotation marks for actual dialogue--aren't you proud?

jlslino: jlo is living in new orleans? maybe.

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