Bad Daddy

There is an advantage to having the SAHP be the Dad.

Exhibit A:

NOS comes home from school, in a chipper mood since it is, after all, the start of the weekend. So far so good. We go over the plans we have for tonight (visiting friends who live 20 minutes away and whom we see far less than Poppy & Co. who live 87 states away) and what tomorrow's wake-up time is for delivering the biscotti to the bake sale booth at the Farmers Market.

Then I spot The Green Folder. TGF is the folder the school sends every week, with announcements, things the parents are to sign, field trip permission slips, etc. It also includes any academic items of which the parents need be aware. In NOS's case, it was the latter which caught my attention. NOS is, by and large, an excellent student. Last year he was the only boy in his grade on the Honor Roll. This year he has been doing fine, mostly A's and the odd B or two. But now he had flunked 3 quizzes/assignments in a week. Not flunked them out of a failure of knowledge, oh nononono...but because he was goofing off and not paying attention.

He was immediately "grounded" for the week. (That means no birthday parties and no TV and no sports, etc.) His reaction was instantaneous and HIGHLY lachrymose. His cute little face was contorted with abject grief (I was half expecting a rending of garments and him yelling, in a bad accent, "I haff no dad!") and his voice cracked with a pleading tone. This approach, by the way, has proven quite effective with ::cough, cough:: other adults in the household in the past.

But I was (and remain) highly impassive to his racking sobs. Grounded he remains.

That is all.

-J., wearing his GigaBeat MP3 player.


--erica said…
That is a depressing start to the weekend. Don't they realize when THEY are grounded..we are too :(
Joke said…

Once things had calmed down I said this very thing to him also. (Good call, BTW)

But the Lord hath heard mine plea and, to underscore He is in agreement, hath given us a most rainy weekend.

Thus endeth the comment.

Sarah Louise said…
Hey, if it works, work it! I only just now noticed your post title. Check out my new meme!
BabelBabe said…
I had a moment with my boys in the coffee shop recently, and it was like time stood still and *everyone* waited to see if the Mama would follow through on her threat to pack up and leave if they did NOT sit still and be quiet for a minute while I got hot chocolates. I would have, absolutely. But I did not have to. Thank God. Because *I* wanted my coffee too. But you gotta follow through.

I am many things but a cupcake is not one of them.
Joke said…
An empty threat is an engraved Crane's invitation to mayhem. Mind you, I am far more progressive than my Dad who would have thrashed me on the spot to the extent I would have suffered a near catastrophic buttock failure.

But, um, yeah.


P.S. Today he tried the puppydog look thing on TFBIM, knowing full well she feels guilty because she's been out all this time. It didn't work because Bad Daddy stood firm.
I love how they play one parent against the other. Mine still do and they are in their 20s. Once a parent, always a parent.
Sarah Louise said…
I think it had something to do with being an only for ten years, but then again, I don't...I never pitted one against the other. Then again, I was a goody two shoes until I turned 16. I was never grounded. I don't think the sibs (now 23, 24) were either. I think we all three wish we had had the experience--I always hated that "We're really disappointed in you" chat. So good for you, J. Stand firm! Fight the good fight! And I am going to make hot chocolate and then fall into bed--I babysat for three children this evening--good ones, but still they did need that "it's 9:30, go brush your teeth!!" "It's after 9:30, go brush your teeth." "Go brush your teeth."
Poppy Buxom said…
I don't see where you get off calling yourself "bad daddy."

From where I'm sitting that sounds like "normal daddy."

Although around here, Daddy is a pushover and MOMMY is the one to fear.
Sarah Louise said…
Yeah, I'm with Poppy on this one. (the "not the bad daddy" part, not the "mommy is the one to fear" part)

I wonder if I'll be less of a pushover when I have kids...I'll tell you what, though, my kids will get grounded! None of this "I'm very disappointed."

Can you tell that's an issue with me?

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