I love this place.

You may wonder (in fact you DO wonder, aloud) why the Hell I live in a place that is pretty much on the intersection of Hurricane Alley and Tropical Varmint Boulevard, with the added cultural component of being like a UVA/UVB intensive sauna.

Today is why.

Alighting from my house (newly varmint-free, TYVM) I am face to face with a day where the temperature ranges from 65F to 72F (to my non USA readers, you're on your own conversion-wise. Sorry.) the humidity is down around 55%, there isn't a cloud in the sky and it's FEBRUARY. I have ripe tomatoes hanging off the vine in my backyard, and nearly-ripe oranges to follow. I think the limes and avocadoes are almost there as well.

My seafood place called about an hour ago to say that around 2:30pm their shrimp boat was coming in, with a lot of U15 shrimp and, if I hustled, I could get them before they get frozen* and I told them to save me a coupla pounds.

I have a convertible which does not suck and I can put 93 octane gas in it.

I'll have to reread what the downsides of this place may be, because I am blanking on them.


P.S. I may go swimming--outside--later.

*95% of the shrimp you can buy is previously frozen, even in shrimp-intensive coastal cities, since their shelf-life is minimal otherwise. The only way you can make sure they have not is to get them with the head and shell.


jujube said…
your feeble attempts to plant the sin of envy in my breast have failed miserably...mainly b/c I'll be in FL sometime Thursday!!

Poppy Buxom said…
Yeah, Joke. Me too. I was in Miami in January and will be at WDW in March.

But take heart. I'll bet all the rest of your internet girlfriends are seething with envy, and working up the courage to cadge an invitation to JokeFest III.
Badger said…
Um, dude? We had the exact same weather here yesterday, right down to the humidity level. And yet STILL no termites or hurricanes.

The shrimp thing would be sweet, though. All the aforementioned hurricanes effed up supplies in the gulf, apparently, and that's where ours come from.
Sarah Louise said…
All of yesterday's snow is melted, I have 1/2 hr before I have to be somewhere, my thermometer says it's 30, the radio says it's 25,(Fahrenheit) and I think I'm going to try out my new winter coat and take a walk. I love THIS place. Oh, and we WON the SuperBowl, so it's the best place EVER! (So not envious--sorry. I need the hills...to be alive...oh dear am I about to burst into channelling Julie Andrews?)
--erica said…
Sorry..all the nice weather in February cannot undo the fact that you have HURRICANES!! Remember those little storm things?

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