Not the Friday Photo Meme Thing

First, I was told it wasn't a meme...and now, not on Friday owing to phenomenon I have never understood over a show I have never been remotely interested in watching.


This is a closeup of my New All Time Favorite cufflinks, from Thos. Pink. I first saw them one time when I was shopping with the lovely and gracious and clearly not deformed Poppy in Boston a couple of years back but they were out of stock and the guy wouldn't sell me the display ones, the bastid. Anyway, I loved the fact they are teeny-tiny sterling silver ingots, with teeny-tiny hallmarking...just like Big Ol' Ingots have. I also love they are not swivel-backed--PTOOIE!--cheapo cufflinks. So, upon my return to Boston last December, I peeked in and since they finally had them in stock, I simply had to avail myself.

Until I bought these, I hadn't a single set of non-gold cufflinks, especially important when I wanted to synchronize with my late grandfather's sterling pocketwatch.

Now you know.



blackbird said…
it is NOT a photo meme --
it is SHOW AND TELL. gah.

I love the cufflinks despite you behaving like a MAN and not getting the name of my whole meme-LIKE thing.
Joke said…
Didn't I say "First, I was told it wasn't a meme..." thereby acknowledging it is not, in fact, a meme?

Sarah Louise said…
This is what I mean. Behaving like a man. Keep it up!!

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