All is well.

I want you all to know that Contest #1 has been a success.

Julia & Jess got their cookbook and Braun blender thingy, respectively.

Peg is leading--handsomely--Contest #2, and stands poised to run away with both the Guinness and Murphy's glassware.

I would have thought that Badger would have practically owned this, but maybe she's just being modest.



Badger said…
Um, you totally told me I had no chance in hell because I'm not a LURKER. So I recused myself. And plus, the only glassware I want to receive in the mail is the kind with booze already in it.

But I so COULD HAVE won this one.
Joke said…
I can tell you're very comfortable in your role of wife, because that's not what I said.

You said you were going to recuse yourself because you'd win it handily, and then I said that while it would seem that way, someone could swoop down with lurker points (i.e., extra credit and win).

And I have already send you alcohol.

Badger said…
Okay (a) same thing, and (b) so then YOU KNOW.

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