Are You There God? It's Me, Joke.

Dear Internet,

The Easter Triduum is upon us and that means the bloggage will be light-ish for a few days. Those observing Easter/Passover, I pray God's abundant blessings reach you and your loved ones.



jujube said…
I have a cardinal presiding tonight. kewl!
blackbird said…
...and you yours.
Poppy Buxom said…
Cardinals, shmardinals. I'm a Red Sox fan.

Oh ... right.

Well, I've got robins on my lawn--am I kewl, too?
Badger said…
Best wishes to you Papists and whatnot.
Sarah Louise said…
my tulips have appeared, red, of course, for the Passion. I love it when life is poetic...
MsCellania said…
Happy Easter, Joke y familia!
Kim said…
KIM: Tomorrow we're going to make hot cross buns.
FELIX: with the 't's on top?
KIM: Actually, they're meant to symbolise the cross Felix.
FELIX: Yeah, I know, because Easter is when Jesus died for us, for all our sins. He died on the t for us.
(CHEF sniggering in background, "so the story goes")
KIM: The cross actually. I know it looks like a t, but it's called a cross. Did they talk about when Jesus rose again?
CHEF: Is that because the Easter Bunny woke him up?
KIM: sigh.
Joke said…
If my experience with restaurant personnel is anything to go by, that's actually amazingly pious for a chef.

Most chefs I have known would cheerfully immolate their offpring to Moloch, or perhaps Baal...I can't recall.

Sarah Louise said…
3 posts in 2 days is light?
Joke said…

It's practically slothful!


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