Contest #2 Halftime Score

Leading in the category of most in common with my MP3 playlist (prize: his & hers Guinness tulip pint glasses): PEG.

Leading in the category of least in common with my MP3 playlist (prize: Murphy's tulip pint glass): PEG.

Contest ends Apr. 15 and, as usual, shipping is on me. (Daysgoby, has the blender thingy cleared Customs?)



Peg said…
Now all I need to do is come up with March's funnies comment and I have myself some sort of Joke Trifecta.

That's a great plan except for two things: one, I know my limitations, and two, today is April 1.
daysgoby said…
sez the US Mail:

Your item arrived in CANADA at 5:29 am on March 31, 2006

but I probably won't see it for a few days yet. Regular mail takes about ten days from the States.

I'm excited, though, and plotting things to make. Any favorite recipes to pass along?
Joke said…
The best, and most secret use of this is to make killer frozen desserts.

Put whatever fruit/dairy things in a Tupperware-like container in your freezer and every 15 min. or so, give it a good going over. INCREDIBLY smooth. (Or, as NOS says, "smoove.")

More later.


P.S. Also, it's great for making a cheater cappuccino.

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