Easter Sunday Confession

Seeing as how I'm all about the Papist thing, and it's Easter Sunday, I feel EXTRA guilty about this confession:

I am deeply, DEEPLY envious of Badger's and Bec&Kim's templates.



BabelBabe said…
They're pretty and all, but the pink would not suit you Joke. You need leather and burgundy and glossy wood panels.
--erica said…
oh see.. I think the PINK is sooo JOKE.. you know all sensitive and whatnot!
blackbird said…
I was going to say that while her templates are gorgeous, Angie tends to work with a lot of pink --

but, at this point, it would be redundant, wouldn't it?
Badger said…
Joke likes pink. Just don't wear it with swivel-backed cufflinks or he'll f*cking cut you.

And Joke, maybe if you are REALLY nice to Angie, she will make you something pretty!
Poppy Buxom said…
Angie's work is great, and she could definitely come up with with something top shelf for Joke (who would accept no less.) I mean, check out the template she did for Susie Sunshine--it's not pink, and it's fab.
I do not understand even the tiniest part of what Angie did to make us so pretty but I am desperately grateful that she did.
Kim said…
I'm with babelbabe. I can see the wood paneling from here.

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