A harrowing nightmare of Biblical proportions

First, Blogger ate this damn post.

Second, and far, far more tragic, with deep implications for how much faith I place in the innate goodness of man, the benevolence of life, and the justice of it all...the DVD player in my Home Theatre died.

Of course, the more insensitive in this readership would just simply interrupt and say "Dude, just go down to Best Buy/Circuit City/HiFiHut and buy another one and come back bearing vodka."

But it's not that easy.


I need very specific (what are you...new here?) criteria fulfilled:

1- It must be hackable to remove
a) That imbecilic regional coding,
b) HDCP coding, and ideally also
c) that unspeakably loathsome Macr-0-Vision
2- A DVI (not HDMI*) output
3- Upconversion to 720p AND 1080i
4- WMV compliance
5- DVD-A & SACD capable
6- Firmware upgradeable
7- Have 3:2 pulldown
8- Have a component output capable of upconverting (sh'yeah, right)

The horror, the horror...


* While yes, you can get an adaptor to let DVI and HDMI get all compatible, these two are like two mothers in law, who can exhange pleasant small chat until the conversation turns to politics.


jujube said…
I have a feeling I've read this someplace before.
Badger said…
Um. Did you just call me insensitive?
jujube said…
funny enough, I went to buy a new TV yesterday. it had to be a color TV, it had to have the slot for a regular antenna, and ideally I could carry it home. so I picked up the LCD/flat panel model in my price range that met those requirements. total time in store: 9 minutes.
Poppy Buxom said…
This is the advantage to having Alzheimer's: everything under the sun is new. Again.

Joke, I'd search eBay. I bet you find exactly what you want. Or is this the eBay'd non-region encoded player we both bought in that dutch auction? Which would mean mine is about to die.
Joke said…
Jujube: It's like being RIGHT there, innit?

Badge: Why would you think that?

Poppy: Start leaving candles and flowers and photographs around said DVD player, and, if possible, stay up all night looking at it.

jujube said…
well, it's kind of teeny since I don't want a huge TV since I don't watch a lot at home (and on the weekends I have Mr D ginNORmous TV to watch). so it's like kinda being there.

(verification word: dikwwiih. I'll leave it at that)
blackbird said…
sometimes I just stand over here and not say anything.

I think that's what I'll do today.
--erica said…
You lost me with "home theatre".. lol
Poppy Buxom said…
Hey, no fair. You deleted the duplicate post.

I take back all my remarks about Alzheimer's, etc.

If you need me, I'll be over there with Blackbird, saying nothing.
Carolyn said…
You sound like my husband talking about work! He speaks his computer language to me.

It may as well be Mandarin for all I get out of it.
MsCellania said…
We'll see your Hackabilly and raise your pixels, Mistah.
I read this to my K, and he said "Well, yes....? " But he is distracted and working on our taxes, so More He Could Not Say.

This is what I tell my Girlfriends who are totally appalled at the amount of electronic stuff in our media room, or his power tool collection in the shop:
"The Man Works Hard."
"And all this Stuff Is WAY Cheaper Than a Mistress."
I think you have a very smart wife who thinks this way as well.
Sarah Louise said…
I'm over in the corner with Poppy and Blackbird. We're having tea. It's very low tech, and yet, fun!

Happy Maunday Thursday, yins!
Joke said…
I'll take it on faith this is all cheaper than a mistress, as my beloved wife has some proficiency with firearms and I am not in the mood to give her yet more reason to just SNAP.

I completely empathise with the lost post pissed-offedness.

The rest appears to be written in Vulcan.
MsCellania said…
HA HA, Joke! Good for you for living a reasonable life.
Reminds me of my GF Kelly, who is now 84 years old. She has dreams of going to meet her Maker in this fashion: "Shot in the Heart by a Jealous Wife."
I told her, "Nah, Kelly; the spurned woman always shoots the philanderer. And frequently below the belt."
Glad to see you are a firm believer in this statistic as well.
Joke said…
Those who know my beloved can attest to the fact that, when driven to wrath, it is impossible to confuse her with a rainbow.

Those who know me will attest to teh fact I have spent HOUR UPON BLOODY HOUR on the Internet looking for the ideal DVD player. I have found THREE that almost do everything. One is discontinued, another costs almost $2K and the third is backordered until Judgment Day, at the earliest.

Oh, and none of the three do EVERYTHING I need it to do.



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