I suck at this meme...


All the cool kids have had seriously worrisome health issues with those whom they have offsprung. Blogger A's daughter's liver fell out, Blogger B has a son with kidneys protruding from his nostrils, Blogger C's twins have turned an unsightly plaid.

Hospital stays, "the machine that goes 'ping!'," sleepless nights filled with worst-case-scenario sweating, these have all been requirements for this meme.

Being bad at this, the best I could do is going to the pediatrician at 7:30am because NOS had a 103F/40C fever. The veredict: Strep throat.

So now, in the waning days (TFBIM still has a lot of end-of-month corporate stuff) of my SAHDness, I have to stand watch and administer antibiotics and assorted fever reducers.

Next time we play this, give me a heads-up so I might scare up a case of pleuresy or torpid liver or catarrh.




blackbird said…
He's lucky to have you around, poor fellow...

I just love saying catarrh.
MsCellania said…
Burn some sage!
I've been rattling the rosary beads for the Bloggers' Brood who are not faring well. You will have to do the Act of Contrition part as I have forgotten some of the words.

And I wouldn't wish Pleurisy on my 2nd least favorite enemy. I've had it, and it's like daggers in the ribs. I hope he's fought off whatever was after him.

And I like saying Catarrh, too. And Portulaca.
Sarah Louise said…
There there, it will be alright anon.

(I can't think of anything else...)
Joke said…

He IS. Can you imagine an 8 y.o. walking to the pediatrician on his own AND with a fever? ;-)


King George III had pleuresy, and just look at him now.


Thanks. I just feel so...inadequate with this meme.

Poppy Buxom said…
You feel inadequate? In the past year, we've had two upset stomachs and a cold, and the only person who ended up in the emergency room was me, following a particularly heavy output of obnoxious comments. I'm descending into a shame spiral ovah heah.
Joke said…
Yeah. but I don't think you were playing along.

Carolyn said…
Poor guy, I hope he gets well soon.
BabelBabe said…
you make me laugh.

i'd shoot for the black plague if i had my druthers - it'd be soooo interesting....

can you swap your car services for some black-market amoxicillin? you really should benefit from your expertise.

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