In a breach of Blog etiquette...

I simply MUST ask:

WHAT THE HELL is the big deal with chewing one's cuticles?

I tried this, for the sake of experimentation and, really, I mean, they don't taste particularly good...I didn't notice stress leaving my body. I didn't feel particularly better.

Worse, in fact, because some imbecile had chewed my cuticle and now I am worried friends will notice it and say: "Dude, WTF is wrong with your cuticle? It's all chewed up and looks like Hell."

I don't get it.



blackbird said…
they are DELICIOUS.
especially during stressful times, like when you pop everyone into the Volvo this morning, on the first day back at school? after days and days in the hospital? and the VOLVO IS DEAD.

Joke said…

I'm scrod, then. All my cars are stick shift and I'd look a perfect imbecile explaining THAT sort of chipped tooth at my age.

--erica said…
if you have to'll never understand.
Poppy Buxom said…
If God had meant us to chew our cuticles, He wouldn't have invented chewing gum.
Joke said…

In fact, He gave us the chicle tree (shrub? plant? bush? vine?) for that very purpose.

I can drive my car w/o power steering stick and simultaneously chew gum, but I can't drive my car w/o power steering stick and simultaneously my cuticles. Or anyone else's.

In fact, it is my opinion that chewing any parts of my person seems like an endeavor utterly devoid of interest to me.

Badger said…
If you didn't enjoy it, then you probably weren't doing it right.
Joke said…
Badgiest, I'll use a different tooth next time.

If, by stick shift, you mean a manual, I can assure you it is entirely possible to simultaneously drive, change gears and chew ones cuticles.
You just have to momentarily let go of the steering wheel.
Joke said…
Theoretically, that is all perfectly true, no doubt. Alas, my cars are not equipped with power steering AND the wooden steering wheels are impossible to operate with my trouser-clad knee.

I'm afraid my cuticles will always be the ones of a man with an innocent conscience.

Kim said…
The satisfactin at picking is immeasurable. When they get sore and a bit swollen it is a weird sort of pleasure. But at the moment? My fingers are so sore, even I am questioning the habit.
BabelBabe said…
Mine hurt and bleed, and then recently got all infected and then my nail got all wonky and gross - so I think I've finally stopped.
Suse said…
Wooden steering wheels? I think I'm going to swoon from the sheer pleasure of it all.
Joke said…

They sear your hands when you park in the bright sun in the dead of summer, but still...


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