In which I play along.

For Loretta's list friday, here are ten jobs I always wanted to try: (in, as they say, not in any order whatsover)

1. TV Chef. I've actually done time in restaurants and "no, thanks." Brutal work, long hours, pretty thankless.
2. Fashion designer. Think Ralph Lauren for the cognoscenti.
3. CEO of an automotive empire. So that we would no longer have cars that suck. Or, at least the cars that suck would be fast.
4. CEO of Walt Disney & Co. I'd actually be good at that.
5. Pope. Just for a year.
6. Dictator.
7. Astronaut.
8. Golf bum.
9. Winemaker/distiller/brewmaster. I want REALLY good stuff to get people all tipsy.
10. Film director.

There, happy?



Badger said…
#1 - You just want to meet Li'l Giada BigHead. You're not fooling anyone, you know.
MsCellania said…
I notice a Being Boss theme here.

I'm up, and being bossy, too.
BabelBabe said…
Pope Joke I.

His Holy Jokeness.

You'd be the only pope to have his beanie-thingey custommade, i'll bet.
Sarah Louise said…
A sound that mimics a hyena is coming from my mouth as I read Babs' Pope comment...I am busting up laughing...if nothing else, people, blogging is good for the sheer humor factor.

Who is L'il Giada BigHead?

#10--oh yeah!

#4--Poppy did mention you had a severe Disney problem...
Joke said…

There is a reason I am in the equivalent of private practice. I do not follow orders well, I do not like group dynamics and I HATE being told what to do. INTJ + Libertarian = Me.

Joke said…
P.S. Badger, I KNOW you had a lurid pun in your brain when you wrote that. Don't even try to deny it.
Badger said…
There you go, putting dirty words in my mouth again.

P.S. Well, duh!

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