Like a birthday or Christmas in miniature.

I love getting cool stuff in the mail.

* This month's issue of Sports Car Market (which means Octane Magazine cannot lag far behind)
* A book I had won on eBay
* Some exchange stuff from Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts...they even threw in a TON of brass collar stays...woo hoo!

Little amuses the innocent,



Carolyn said…
Getting anything from ebay makes me salivate. It's a sickness.
MsCellania said…
I haven't trotted out yet to check the daily grab bag. Some days I approach it with a whip and chair. The solicitations have gotten ridiculous!

I have never heard of those publications, but I bet my car fiend buddies in Chicago get them (Schmidt family)

Gee, my WNW is weggieat. Hrmph!
Joke said…
I like getting stuff from eBay because between the moment you win it to the moment it arrives is a period of time of a totally random length. So it's a surprise.

It's even better when you forget.

Gina said…
I have no use for collar stays, but their existence makes me happy. Such clever but simple little things.
Joke said…
It is manifest proof of my lunacy that I have been tempted to buy monogrammed sterling silver ones.

Gina said…
Sterling Silver collar stays? I know what Ted's getting his dad for Father's Day! Thanks, Joke.

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