My 1st Time, be kind.

Loretta is curious about why people love where they live.

10 reasons I love living in my particular corner of the southeastern edge of paradise:

1- NO CHANGE OF SEASONS (no need to change out closets, dead-ripe tomatoes in the garden in January, etc.)
2- Every traffic jam is like the United Nations on wheels, although, to be perfectly fair, the traffic jams eventually make progress.
3- The world capital for slushy rum drinks.
4- KILLER seafood
5- You are likelier to find 5 places that do espresso before you can find one that will have "regular" coffee.
6- Gotta love the hibiscus in bloom.
7- Citrus in the backyard.
8- Italian, Argentine, Nicaraguan, Japanese and Korean reastaurants owned and operated by actual Italians (from Italy, not Brooklyn), Argentines, Nicaraguans, Japanese and Koreans...all within walking distance.
9- The greatest sunsets anywhere, bar none.
10- My church, one of the few remaining old-timey, hardass, "perpendicular" High Church Catholic Churches left anywhere.

There's more, but I'm catching whatever's waylaid my family and I'm in no mood to think further.



Carolyn said…
I loved your list.

Get well soon.

Oh, and Zicam, the stuff to shorten your cold or flu, really does seem to work.
Sarah Louise said…
I loved your list too.

Feel better!

Don't take echinecia or zinc, though, there's no research that they shorten your cold. And, if you're like me (allergic to ragweed) STAY away from echinecia, b/c it's the same family. Also chamomile.

daysgoby said…
Damnit, now I'm hungry.....
I am so going to do this tomorrow - because my love affair with Sydney is like Romeo and Juliet without that stupid priest's plot.

And yes, like daysgoby, I now have cravings for seafood and slushy rum drinks.
--erica said…
that's is.
I'm moving.
At least until hurricane season.
Lazy cow said…
It does sound gorgeous. The only flavour of Florida I've ever had is from The Golden Girls, and Miami Vice...

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