See? This is what I'm talking about.

It's 6:44am.

It's bloody dark outside.

YOU come and try to resurrect these comatose lumps of protoplasm usually described as my offspring because they have to go to the potty, brush their collective teeth, find the invariably lost elements of, and then put on their school uniforms, have breakfast, collect their school implements, and be out the door by 7:35am...all to the anguished cries of "but it's DARK outside."


's all I'm saying.



Badger said…
Are you going to keep whining like this until DST is over? I just want to be prepared.
Joke said…
Nah. Maybe another week or so, until:

1- I get used to it, and
2- I go back to the office full time.

In the meantime, verily it doth give much suck.

--erica said…
ADD SNOW and maybe I'll feel sorry for you.
jujube said…
I am an unabashed DST lover.
With DST you can still see sun in the early evening. There's daylight here at 6:45 so it's win/win time.
Joke said…
When I lived in Ecuador, the best thing was that EVERY DAY the sun rose at 6:45am and set at 6:45pm.

Ah, equatorial life. The oppressive humidity and never ending heat (even by SoFla standards) I could have lived without, though.

julia said…
It's snowing here. It's been snowing here all day. That's something to whine about. The dark? Not so much.
Joke said…
I'm not whining, I'm railing.

-J., shaking fist like Grandpa Simpson
MsCellania said…
I've adjusted.

But, I am femaile. Adjusting easily comes with assorted girly parts. It's adjust or live in a constantly pissed-off state, vs. just 10 days of the month.

Not that I didn't rail, a little ...
--erica said…
oh that wasn't whining? it did sound a bit like whining.
Joke said…
A good rule o'thumb is that whining usually features the word "why," as in "why me?" or "why is this turning green?"

The blog/combox is a lousy way to convey wrath, alas. Just pity the unfortunates when I become Maximum Leader and abolish DST (even before I abolish the income tax and the beekeper subsidy and the National Helium Reserve, which shows a lot.)

Basically I'm more "Grr!" than I am "Boohoo" over DST.

Just wait for the gloatwave that will overcome me in OCtober, though.

Sarah Louise said…
Um, vickee, adjusting to DST is not inherently female, since the last time I checked, I was still fighting off sleep at work and last time I checked, yep, I still have two x chromosones.

SL, battling the desire to crawl back onto the couch...

the only reason I'm up, now, is my bladder. It's the only reliable alarm clock I've found. And now it's T minus 15 minutes until I do my taxes...

The vw: rrpoos.

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