So that you may ponder my mental state, and despair


Part of the reason for lightened bloggishness on my part has been the whole lead-up to Easter. On Spy Wednesday we had Tenebræ, on Maundy Thursday we had the whole In Cena Domini and I was hauled up to the altar to get my feet washed (which was a new experience for me and given my love for attention, just grand) and then processing to the altar of repose. Good Friday was all about fasting and abstaining and the liturgy (Good Friday is the one day in which Mass cannot fact there is no Mass until the Vigil on Holy Saturday). I even went to Confession*.

So, even though I could plausibly claim the lightened bloging is 100% due to all the pious stuff, made even more pious by the increased use of Latin, and Gregorian chants and incense (ye olde yells, bells and smells) that'd be a big fat fib.

The fact is I have (mis)spent much of my time looking for a replacement DVD player. You cuticle-chompers have no idea what inner turmoil and soul torment is until you have juxtaposed your pathological cheapskate (which recoils at expenditures over $100) side against your A/V geek side (which knows of DVD players that cost as much as a new Lexus).

If you know how many HOURS** I have evaporated doing research, you'd be aghast.


* Maybe I'm just getting older and duller, but confession is getting easier now as I have less juicy stuff to confess.
** Whatever number you have in your mind, triple it...unless you're Badger, Jujube or Poppy, in which case just double it.


Sarah Louise said…
Chomping on my cuticles as I read this post...(albeit unconsciously until I read it in print...)

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