Sunday Confessions (again)

1- I forgot what I was going to lead with.
2- Did the Palm Sunday thing with NTS (NOS & TFBIM were comatose sleeping in after JokeFest) and for breakfast I tore into JokeFest leftovers. With a Kosher-For-Passover Coke.
3- Kosher-For-Passover Coke is my favorite potable liquid in the world.
4- There is no more fearful convergence than realizing your wife
a) Has been working tax season hours (55-60/week)
b) Is expecting a horde of guests, and
c) Her . arrived, and it's one of those once/twice a year ones that qualifies as "from Hell."
and then see your son, foolish boy!, decide to talk back to her.

(This, I believe is a recipe for a particularly dangerous cross between werewolf-ism and a conniption. I think NOS's guardian angel needs to put in for hazard pay.)

5- There is no better feeling than having your spouse SINCERELY apologize. (Something of a rarity ovah heah.)
6- A close second is people raving over the food.
7- What I love most about my birthday is that, for a brief shining moment, I get to set the rules for all to follow and, most importantly, only my rules apply.
8- All that talk about the Cruise/Holmes baby reminded me how I specifically absented myself from the delivery room upon the birth of my sons. Sure, each time it cost me a TON of money (payable to my wife, in the form of jewelry) and and also, I had to carry out--and I humbly say, with great cheerfulness--all sorts of parenting tasks that dads often shun. Whatever the cost, it would have been worth the price. The stunned look on the nurse's face was just a bonus.

Now that I am further along my career path, I shudder at the cost should we ever have a 3rd baby.



Sarah Louise said…
kosher-for-passover coke? I only thought you had weird food tastes (your whole dissertation on Heinz ketchup) but now I know. Wow.
Joke said…
Kosher-for-Passover Coke is sweetened with cane sugar and NOT with [retch]High Fructose Corn Syrup[/retch], therefore the taste profile is leagues apart.

Don't get me started, the rant is longer and more heated that the one on ultra-pasteurized milk.

Carolyn said…
A third child throws you right over the financial edge. Trust me on that one.
MsCellania said…
I would buy a container (18 wheeler type) of that coke! Do you know RC was REAL sugar until it was bought out a few years ago. I LOVED RC because it tasted wonderful. Now it's just like all the rest - Lousy.

I will find this Real Coke somehow.

I swear, reading your blog would've been worth it to find out this alone, but I hasten to add it's fun to visit here anyway.

You better not be kidding about this or I am going to be pissed.
Joke said…
I'm as serious as a heart attack about KFP Coke. Corn is forbidden to Ashkenazic Jews (i.e. most of the Jews in the USA & Canada) during Passover.

If you live in a place with a large Jewish population (like, say, SoFla) or have access to a Kosher market, scoring KFP Coke should be no big deal.

MIND YOU...the shelf life of any soda pop is ~90 days, unless you can dedicate a separate refrigerator thereto, so you really oughtn't hoard a whole year's worth.


P.S. Ironically enough, my WVW is "kruzfy"
Lazy cow said…
I'm going to check out that Coke over here. Thanks for the tip.

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