Upon recovery.


As of the close of biznez today, I have my wife back until January-ish 2007. This means that between her time to recover and Spring Break, we're actually resembling a family. So I have that going for me.

Easter was fine. Went to the "family Mass" which, even though it's not as nearly as heavy on Ye Olde "yells, bells and smells" as I'd prefer, is still good...especially in light of the other options ovah heah. Even NTS joined in the renewal of his baptismal promises (which is VERY comforting, since so often it'd appear his had expired without warning) and Fr. S, realizing the pews were crammed with youngsters whose self-mastery was on the verge of evaporating, exercised impeccable timing. TFBIM thinks Fr. S is the cat's @$$.

We had the foresight to arrive a good 30 min. early, because (as those of you for whom this is a regular practice will attest) the pews tend to fill up fast with what Jujube calls "tourists" and displacing the more naive among the regulars. But the boys held it together (they have the whole stand-sit-kneel thing down pretty well), even though NOS pushed the envelope some. Then we went back to my sister's place for that most hallowed family tradition: the pool party.

Since Easter Bunny has never held much sway among Iberics, the Easter Egg Hunt was utterly devoid of that element of wide-eyed wonder and had a much more honest, if mercenary, character. At least ovah heah Easter hasn't become a "spring Christmas" giftwise. We had ham with a mustard-lemon glaze (sweet glazes are NOT an Iberic thing) and the aforementioned Reisling, plus assorted side dishes contributed by the assembled. The kids splashed and swam well into the evening. (I still hate DST, only I'm too beat to complain at the mo'.)

This all led to a solid day of not obsessing over my appalling lack of a suitable DVD player. But, not being accustomed to paralyzed inaction, I took the situation firmly in hand: I bought a this-will-do-for-now player on eBay (for those of you who lead lives blissfully unaware of the developments in home theatreness, there will soon come a format war between the upcoming HD-DVD and "BluRay" discs, and committing large funds before the battle is over is kind of stupid) and I am also--as per a little germ of an idea courtesy of the estimable BB bb--am strongly considering building my very own Home Theatre computer (HTPC) my own bad self.

As I was wandering aimlessly through the unDVDed desert, our home PC (i.e. the one the kids thrash daily) died on Saturday. While Our Redeemer liveth, this PC doesn't and will need replacing. I thought back to BB's bb's earlier message and the idea struck..."I'll just do get a PC that will fulfill the functions the eBayed Denon DVD2910 should have but won't." Further reinforcement of the idea came courtesy of Tax Day: a DVD player is not tax deductible, but a new PC is.

So, until I have to return to the office full-time, here is my new project:




blackbird said…
Joke -
apparently the Director of Emerging Technologies was absent yesterday...as were three others on K's staff.
All his 'rooms were up' and so he did not address your needs --

(note the lowercase)
Joke said…
dear bb cummings,

you gave me
a very
good idea and for that
thank you a


MsCellania said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Joke said…
Oh, it's WAY too late for that. When she married me, she did so with full knowledge of my obsessions. She knew I was a foodie, a HT maniac, a car geek, etc.

It was about, oh...9 years ago when I first assembled my first "proper" HT rig. I spent DAYS running cables through the walls, comparing speaker positions, playing with settings, calibrating the video and audio.

Once it was ALL put together I spent my time watching the complete silent film output of Buster Keaton. For some reason this made no sense to her.

Joke said…
1980s Barco? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Was it coal-powered or diesel?

MsCellania said…
It IS powered by a cable that I swear could power a coal mine drag line digger. I am not kidding.
And a squirrel in a cage for effect.

The Man of My Dreams is keeping the system limping along, as we have photo-quality images due to the amount of dots (I would quote you the proper computer language if I could, but 'amount of dots' seems to work in the circles I run with - you know - the group with the deer in the headlights look if you mention anything digital).

We frequently have a room full of geeky folk, rubbing their palms over the Man of My Dream's system. Scoff if you must, but the darn thing is approached with awe by the entire neighborhood, and beyond. I've not gotten any sympathy cards, and I've not asked if they approach to see the dinosaur or the legend.

We are legendary among dozens (expression borrowed from bb) for this theatre - the sound-proofed room, the professional corn popper, the soda fountain with gun, the beer on tap. And the Barco behemoth? I'd rather the devil I do than the devil I don't.

But I am very anxious to hear what you get going. Truly and honestly, I am. Just remember to come up for air!
MsCellania said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Carolyn said…
Men and their music - What's up with that, I wonder.
Joke said…
OK. The soda gun is a new one on me.

Crap. Now I have something to consider. (I wonder if you can get fountain versions of KFP Coke...)

Stay tuned for a HT upgrade update.

MsCellania said…
Sorry for the double post.
If you starting checking into soda guns, you will discover the world of cold plates and buying syrups at restaurant supply companies. It's an entirely different soda sorta beast when syrups are mixed with soda and served fresh. Guarantee to put a spare tire on the entire household. I will check on that kosher coke syrup tomorrow. Who knows?
Katya said…
Heck -- that goes to show you that I should read tax rules a little bit closer -- I did NOT know a new pc was deductible. The home theatre project sounds great -- it's something I'd love to do but alas I have to buy a new washing machine/dryer first.
You know, I'm just going to totally ignore the entire home theatre thing and say - you have your wife back? Yay!
MsCellania said…
Now you're Joe? Just a Regular Joe? HA!
Joke said…

Gack. I can't type. I even turned Bec into Bac. Mea culpa.


It's deductible because we have--no, really!--a home office. I NEED to see stock quotes in letters 8" (20cm) tall.


P.S. Bec, you're right.

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