What? Again? Already?

Today, dear Internet is Drivelversary Day.



Badger said…
I trust the appropriate gifts have been exchanged?
blackbird said…
I'll send you each an Edible Arrangement!

Joke said…

Drivelversary Day is so important that it is the height of arrogance to assume either of us could ever find a gift cheap enough AND WITH THE PRICE TAG STILL ATTACHED which'd sufficiently honor said day.

So, um, no.

BB...this is not anything that involves cuticles, I trust.

blackbird said…
no no!
it's a floral bouquet made of fruit!

alas, it is costly...
Poppy Buxom said…
Blackbird: Save your money. At times I get hungry enough to eat a floral bouquet made of flowers. And Joke, while not as greedy, would probably eat a flower bouquet made of flours.

Duh-DUMB! Thank you! I'm here all week!

Joke! Happy D-Day!

Oh, and as for gifts? I have found something so weird and cheap that it's almost perfect. Unfortunately, it's so weird that the chances are nil that I'll find it at a rummage sale, so I will have to [gasp!] pay retail.

Joke, has my birthday present shown up? (Remember, if you get a random-looking package addressed to the Church of Saints Joke and Mickey Mouse, it's from me.)
Joke said…
Yes! And I just opened it. Like an idiot, I hadn't opened something like 2/3 of my giftage, in my exhaustion and all, and then all the gifts were forgotten next to my fancy-ass chair in the living room where I never go.


P.S. I got you something cool AND cheap, but I have NFI how I'm going to ship it.

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