When in Bored

Dear Internet,

Please watch A Mighty Wind. If nothing else, to see mega-Albino Ed Begley Jr., as a Swedish TV producer, rattling off hilariously in Yiddish.

Yes, I am bored.



Badger said…
I took my dad to see that on Father's Day. Like, 10 years ago, or whenever it came out. We are big Chris Guest fans ovah heah.
MsCellania said…
Christopher Guest is a fave in this house. 'Best in Show' is another good one. 'Spinal Tap'? Can't beat it.
'For Your Consideration' is due out on NetFlix soon. Another Eugene Levy collaboration.

When I need to bellylaugh, I put on 'Best in Show'. The first time I saw it, I literally flipped off the sofa I was laughing so hard.
Joke said…
Badge, it was 2003 that it came out.

Oooh. FYC. I cannot wait.

Lazy cow said…
Loved 'Best in show' and 'Spinal Tap'. Just don't get 'A Mighty Wind'. Yuck.
Joke said…
FYC = For Your Consideration

-J., Mr. Abbrvtn.
Sarah Louise said…
FYC, of course! Because I was thinking it was Fine Young Cannibals. Oh, that was the other blog...
Gina said…
Not sure why Christpoher Guest & Co. aren't officially considered national treasures.
Joke said…

My guess is that there are sufficient Canadians involved in those films that some sort trade dispute would arise.


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