The work before us.

Today we sat down and took stock of what our house "needs."

Naturally, some needs are urgent and some are poorly disguised wants. Either way, this is what we have on our plate:

1- New roof
2- Total re-do of the bathrooms
3- Near-total re-do of the kitchen
4- Get the built-ins, er, built in the HT
5- New family room furniture (ours is sneaking up on 15 years old, nine of which have involved the detritus of offspring)
6- China cabinet & server for dining room
7- Turning the garage into a place suitable for the veneration of the internal combustion engine.
8- Convert the house to gas
9- Adding the 2nd story

Items 1-8 can be accomplished individually, or in whatever grouping we consider logical. #9 is a big one (literally and figuratively) not just because it will add about 35% square footage to the house, but also because we'll be stuck having to "lifeboat" (living in a corner of the house while the work goes on) for about a 8 months. To say nothing of the RIDICULOUS amount of paperwork--permits, inspections, etc.--required.

To say nothing of the fact we haven't decided WHAT we'll stick up there. Palatial master suite? Game room? Office? Helipad? You know that's the sort of discussion that brings closeness to a marriage.

There is also the possibility of swapping the garage for the HT. Not probability, mind you...but possibility. It would get rid of the ugly garage door from the front of the house and put it on the side (our house is on a corner), and we'd gain a fair amount of "living" room. But the game would probably not be worth the candle. [shrug]

The part that interests me most, though, is the (duh!) kitchen. I don't have the luxury of expanding its size, but I can use the space FAR more intelligently than the previous owners did when they redid the kitchen in 1982. So that's almost as good. The only things I'm keeping are the indoor grill and the floor (I love our kitchen floor!). I plan to plagiarize much of what some friends of Poppy did in their condo, albeit with different colors. I also want a trash compactor and one of those little sorta-cheapo built in wine cellars. Pot racks every damned where, too.

Now, to exhale as I contemplate the bills.



They will have to drag me away from my house now that my kitchen has been redone. We had a power outage Friday and I laughed as I continued to do my cooking on the gas burners.
Badger said…
We have a gas range (and heater, and water heater) but an electric oven and I hate that. The only major thing I would do in our kitchen, besides a new sink and marble countertops, would be putting in a gas oven.
blackbird said…
You might want to speak with me off piste during your appliance research -

We lived pioneer style for a while, it's an adventure.
MsCellania said…
May I insist on one thing? SEALED BURNERS for your gas cooktop/range? We had a big Viking in our last kitchen. A thing of Beauty, until you had to clean it. Then it was 2 hours of pissiness. We had Dacor ovens and they were fab. I like electric ovens, unlike some people...

This time around, my K found GE Professional s/s cooktop made by DCS (S.Korean company) and snapped it up. We don't have room for 6 burners and a griddle anymore so this was a more difficult search. I hate stainless appliances, but K bought this one before I could vote. I actually like my glass cooktop with enameled burners and cast grates (GE again, I think) that we have now; the DCS is going in soon, though. We also found a VentAHood for a steal somewhere. We got a Bosch D/W, but I don't like it. I much preferred our Asko. I forgot to take a laundry basket loaded with dishes, glasses, plan, utensils when we went D/W shopping this time - maie sure you do that to see if your glasses and bowls fit. We use large deep bowls and it's not compatible with Bosch.

There's so much cool stuff out now. I prefer stainless over china sinks. And I got one of those professional dishwasher hosedown job faucets - can't wait for that to go in. If you do alot of boiling, the faucet at the stove is nice, but it's a major flood hazard! And don't forget a warming oven! And one of the Gagganau built-in fryers/steamers/boilers would be nice on the counter - by the 2nd sink and prep area. If you entertain alot, a couple of dishwasher drawers to handle just glasses is great; one by HT and one by the other side of the sink in kitdhen, or by 2nd sink.

You must really love your area if you are pouring so much dinero into the house. Moving is out of the question?
My oven is a Dacor dual fuel, the best of both worlds and easy to clean. I got the GE monogram hood because it looks so cool.
Carolyn said…
Happy remodeling.
--erica said…
Perhaps moving would be easier.
Joke said…
Moving is SO not an option. There are a number of reasons why, but the most impirtant one is that this is what just we moved INTO.


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