"This was mah laughin' place!" said Br'er Rabbit

The astute among you may have noticed that I am overhauling my whole shaving process. So, innocently, I spend time rummaging around the Internet and today, I have chanced on something mindbendingly hilarious. I have laughed to the extent people have rushed to my aid, as if I were having some sort of weird bronchial voodoo curse thing going on.

You don't want to know how hard I have laughed.

No, really, click here. And, once you are there click on EVERYTHING YOU CAN. The, er, "music video" is particularly priceless.

Trust me.



blackbird said…
Pretty damn good.
I've sent it off to K -

(but, uh, Joke? your profile picture is creeping me out)
Joke said…
Oh, shush! The profile picture is an ultrasound of a baby driving stick shift. Real fast.

blackbird said…

Now I get it.

It's just so fetus-y.

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