Badger's inadvertent meme

Before I launch into this, I want to explain how difficult it was to do. Mostly because I am such a reactionary sort that if there's somethinng "we just don't do ovah heah" it's a pretty safe bet it's because we adamantly believe there is much wrong with it. THAT list would eat up all the available bandwidth.

things that we just don't do over here, not that there's anything wrong with them
Serious Musicals
Team sports (we're pretty much an aggregate mass of non-joiners)
Reality TV
Attachment parenting (WTF is this?)
Toy trains
Gaming systems (Xbox, etc.)
Texas Hold 'Em

Inspired by Badger & bb


blackbird said…
Watch it.
The attachment parenters are on MY ass.
Joke said…
Perfectly true, no doubt...but what IS that?

Attachment parenting is an excuse for needy and emotionally immature people to stop trying to be grown-up and play living-dolls for a decade or so instead.

There. I finally said it.

Bring it on.
Joke said…

That sounds pretty much like what we've specifically made it a point to avoid.


-J., detachment parenter
Stomper Girl said…
Some things in life are just not worth getting worked up about (she says having just ranted about a Spice Girl elsewhere). Like granola.

Still chuckling re: "Detachment parenter".
Joke said…
I rarely get worked up about this sort of stuff. I have managed to develop a benevolent disdain for things.

Oh bother.

Now I feel like an Attachment Commenter.
Joke said…
Grow up already, I am not a blogging doll!

jenny said…
so, what will you drive when you take your son's cub scout den to a soccer game this wint...


just wanted to let you know that I could not resist the granny pants recipe. it was perfect!
Joke said…
Thanks for the unsolicited testimonial!


P.S. 6 cloves of garlic is as nothing the average Mediterranean.
Suse said…
I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you.

Scrapbooking IS just so very very wrong.

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