It's a fact of life.

I have noticed that most (not all) of my fave blogs* are the sort where ma-a-a-a-a-a-aybe posts show up twice a week. On a good week. Before we go any further along this track, I wish to heartily disabuse you of the notion that I love these blogs because they are only infrequently updated. I love them because they are fun to read (even if the contents are often "not fun" contents).

So, anyway. Yes. Infrequent. There may actually be very good reasons why some blogs are updated less often than I would selfishly prefer. Some bloggers only view their blog as a plaything. Others may be so overwhelmed by their offline life that they perceive they have little time to post. Yet others are so demanding and exacting and have such high expectations that most of the stuff they start to write winds up in the drafts pile. Finally there are a few benighted unfortunates who are under the delusion they have "nothing about which to write."

To this latter group: BULL$#!+. You are just feeling indolent, and you are shortchanging your public. I hereby publicly "Tsk, tsk!" at you.

Then there's another line of division in blogville: Bloggers who chat in their combox and bloggers who don't. I am solidly in the latter former camp. Sometimes the discussion veers off into a brief email exchange, which is even nicer. I know we live in a pluralistic society and all that, but I have never understood those bloggers who only materialize in their own combox to clear up the odd misconception about ___. If I post about what makes for a proper bar setup, and people weigh in with widely divergent opinions on same, I want to engage those views. To me, the combox is like a press conference that follows the Brief Opening Statement. I realize that other people treat the combox more as a Letters To The Editor, but I simply can't wrap my brain around that.

Obviously, things can get heated in a combox. Since I don't relish posts with eleventy gazillion comments, I generally omit politics and religion from this blog. Frankly, if I wanted to hear pointless arguing and bickering and ad hominem insults, I'd move in with my in-laws.

Having said all that, I expect I'll have more to add over the weekend after TFBIM's party wraps up.


* I know, I know. I need to update my blogroll.


Sarah O. said…
Joke, check my Thanksgiving com box. I wrote you a note there.

And I agree with everything you said. Maybe someday I'll publish all my drafts. But probably not. I'm just that kind of blogger.
Joke said…
You cheeky minx, you!

Badger said…
I really enjoyed this post, because I decided to take a shot (of DayQuil, calm down) every time you said "combox".

And then I decided to pretend "combox" meant something dirty.

I think maybe I'm bringing down your property values ovah heah.
Carolyn said…
On the bright side, it's easy to catch up with their blog if you have been offline for a while!
Stomper Girl said…
To the Editor.
Dear Sir,

Re your categorisation as yourself as a blogger who does not chat in comboxes. Might I suggest you have your formers and latters mixed up?

cf. Jane Fonda
cf. Thong Diaries

Pedantic with Too Much Time on Her Hands.
Joke said…

Duly noted. (Even I make mistakes.)


That's just strange.

At last, I've found the proper venue in which to state (because I've never seen her reading ovah heah) that a certain blogger is about to come off my blogroll because she answers EVERY comment of mine with an email and NEVER comments on my blog. I feel as though she thinks I'm a petitioner of some kind who requires an inbox drop every time I mention that she gave me a laugh, or something.

Bring on the combox convo, AND the occasional email exchange - you know I love it.

In fact, I've been known to take over someone else's blog combox for a combox convo with a third party blogger that bears almost no relationship to the original post on which we were commenting... Sound familiar, J?
Just in case I wasn't clear - I'm very happy to have emails - but I don't expect one every single time I post a comment. It becomes, well, awkward.
Joke said…

Rest assured your dossier will be updated to reflect this clarification.

shula said…

Given that your blog won't allow non-Bloggers to comment, I was finally obliged to sign up just to present here.

And I could say that your combox post inspired to me do so.

But really it's because I can't bear to think of Bec or Stompergirl getting the last word.

It just won't do.
Joke said…

That's as good a reason as any!

Joke said…

Now that I'm officially in an easy job AND it's the holiday season, you will be bombarded with tasty prose from my end. ¡Provecho!
It was a last word thing.

At least I didn't throw a dead wombat into the mix.
Joke said…
Oh, whew. I thought you had been taking a cue from the lurid Badger.

Poppy Buxom said…
Have you sold the movie rights yet? Because "Joke does Comboxes!" sounds to me like a blockbuster-to-be.
mkh said…
Seeing as you are getting all meta and talking about post frequency and the like, it seems as good a time as any to stop being a wallflower and say hello. So, uh, hello. Nice to meet you.

Oh, and I guess I'm with Sarah O. For every post that makes it on to Hidden City, there are at least three in Drafts. So it goes.
Joke said…
Hi! Great being met!

Suse said…
I love it when my readers chat amongst themselves in my combox.

(Even typing that word felt dirty).

Ooh, doorbitch is 'tunbum' which is what nude sunbathers on the Fringes of Paradise get.
Joke said…


It feels like a great cocktail party.


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