Same Thing, But VERY Different

Some people have had good success with the Granny Pants recipe thing, and yesterday Badger & Julia, um, didn't.

It's a sign of my own mental instability that I immediately wished my scanner worked like a teleportation device, that I might zap myself MAwards and TXwards to perform triage and see where the thing went off the rails.

Badge (& Julia, in case you followed the same procedure),

1- Brisket is fine. However, using brisket means its connective tissue will first contract and then the connective tissue begins to melt.
2- The temperature of the water should be such that you see the occasional bubble along the far edge of the water, but mostly the water rippling. This isn't as much a braise as it is a poach.
3- This is not so much a 1pm thing, especially with brisket which has the aforementioned connective tissue issue. (Other similarly long-grained parts of cow--flank, chuck shoulder, etc.--don't have nearly the same amount of c.t. and so the cooking time is materially shorter.)

Hope this helps!



Badger said…
Ah! Well, it would appear I went off the rails at every turn. However, I stuck the thing in the crockpot overnight, shredded it this morning, and all is well. Except that after yesterday's near fiasco, I'm going to have to buy more wine for dinner tonight.
Joke said…
Wine and dine yourself, Miz Badge, you've earned it!


P.S. I SWEAR that my WVW is "goatspmd" and you are all free to make up your own joke.
MsCellania said…
Gotta second the chuck shoulder. I put 2 big pieces in the crock pot and it was Poifect. POIFECT!
And I'm SO thrilled to have another use for the crock pot, ya know....
Joke said…

Good on ya!

So ya know, chuck shoulder makes a damned fine "London broil" also, and it's a pretty cheap cut, too!

Major Bedhead said…
Well, that's where I went wrong - I used a brisket cut. I didn't even know you could buy chuck shoulder. Poor Chuck. Missing all his bits, isn't he?

I put mine in the crock pot this morning, with the sauce. Hopefully that works. If not, I'll try it again, with the right cut of meat.

Thanks, Joke. Much appreciated.

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