This made my day yesterday.

Yesterday, to give my wife a break, I dragged off the lads to lunch and a movie. The movie in question (Happy Feet) was only so-so, but what got my attention was this:

The theatreful of kids all clapped VERY loudly when the preview ended, and NOS was thrilled it'd open up just in time for his birthday (making it the 3rd HP birthday themed party, and he's only turning 10).

I'm pleased.



MsCellania said…
Wow, those Hogwarts students are looking OLD!
Stomper Girl said…
Oh I think I'm as excited as your son!! Great preview. I suppose we won't get it till later in the year than you guys, what a bummer!
Shame Happy Feet not better. I'm still going, its got the tap-dancing of Savion Glover in it and he is amazing. Hopefully that will override my frustration at paying money for anything featuring Nicole Kidman.
Joke said…
Happy feet could have been a LOT better with some ruthless pruning. The last third of the film was relentlessly preachy (the preachy part went over the kids' heads...they just thought of it as boring) BUT Nicole Kidman really doesn't feature very prominently.

The sounds of the tap dancing were pretty cool, though...too bad there's only so much that can be done with the animation of an adolescent Emperor penguin.

I hear Happy Feet was cute and there were some Latino penguins in the mix... I know, Joke- it probably seemed normal to you, but up here in ol' Oregon we cheer for whatever we can get. Qué vivan los pingüinos!!!
Joke said…

The Robin Williams as "José Jiménez" thing is very exciting for about the first 10 minutes. But then you have to deal with a-a-a-a-a-a-all the other 95 minutes where pretty much nothing happens.

I mean, it's okay just a bit too long and a bit too preachy. I've seen far worse (i.e. The Wild [shudder]), though.

Blogger has eaten my comments twice.

Clearly I am not meant to be mean to penguins in public.

O! Vengeful gods!

(but for the record, penguins sound suckful. I'm going to ban all kiddy movies until my younger two are big enough for HP)
Joke said…
Oh, I dunno about ban, but I'd definitely suggest a rather hawkish vigilance as 75% of kid films suck more than a broken window on the space station.

Then again, pretty much 75% of EVERYTHING sucks.

julia said…
You can't see it, but in my head, I'm running around with my hands waving over my head and a high-pitched "wheeeeeeeeeeeee Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter" tumbling forth from my goofily-grinning lips.

"Wheeeeeeeee! Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter!!!"
Joke said…
If I close my eyes, I can almost see it...


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