Before I launch into today's feature (think of this as the short before the main attraction) I have to announce that, as I type, NOS and two of his pals are playing poker with their Hallowe'en candy.

"I'll see your Snickers and raise you a Butterfinger."


I was just reading the lates post by the lovely and gracious Bec and it dawned on me that she had something of a point that we blog not just to keep a record of our lives. Now, the reason why I blog is because I have lots of opinions on lots of things and, as opposed to the lovely, gracious and lively Poppy, it's not enough to sit back basking in the glow of smugness. I need to evangelize to the world why I'm right on the matter of food, drink, fabrics, film, books, electronics, menswear, automobile, travel, etc.

Then there's also the deep-seated need to entertain and generally be publicly clever.

Lastly (and bestly) is e-meeting all kinds of new friends, people with whom I would have never in a bazillion years have befriended otherwise. While that's not the deep-down reason why this blog exists, it's the best outcome thereof.

I also enjoy love combox conversations. As those who've been inflicted with my society will readily attest I'm a conversational ho. Give me a brilliant conversationalist with a measure of erudition and a modicum of charm and I'm happier than a twister in a trailer park. At heart, naturally, I'm a creature of simplicity.

Now, if some big NYC publisher were to sling seven figures at me, it'd be rude to decline.



Funny you should mention that part, Joke, because the bit about the publishing deal? You were kind one of my top-of-mind bloggers when I wrote that...

And thank you: I shall be stealing the term combox and using it regularly.
Joke said…

From your keyboard to God's printer.

Molly said…
I come here for the banter and I'm never disappointed....
Stomper Girl said…
These are all excellent reasons to blog (and you blog so well!). I like to think of it as my personal soapbox.
Love the sweet-toothed poker game.
Poppy Buxom said…
What a minute. Are you saying I'm smug? Or not evangelical enough?

How's this?

Everyone should get a laptop with a 17-inch screen. It makes things much, much more biggerer. And biggerer is gooder.
Poppy Buxom said…
Oh, and another thing. You can be publicly clever. I'll be pubicly clever. That way we won't be in direct competition.

And it will be so easy, because my vulva cracks itself up.

No, seriously! It does. My labia minora just said something really funny to my labia minora, and now they're both laughing like hyenas. I just hope they don't wake up the neighbors.
Joke said…

I'm saying that--by your own admission--you enjoy feeling smug. As do I. But I don't enjoy it quite as much as you do, and must leaven it with that other stuff.


PS My WVW was "vyfuc." (Vy not?)

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