The Post Mortem Continues, now with new LookingForwardTM !

Last night we had your friends Y & N ovah for dinnah. For the longest time they lived across the state, a solid 2 hour drive away. We love them to bits and because we do, we'd make the schlep every month or so.

Then, two years ago they moved just 20 minutes north of us. We now see them, maybe, twice a year. Maybe. But they had managed to come for TFBIM's surprise bash and I wrote Y. a nice email saying thanks for attending, because TFBIM really misses her* terribly. Anyway, they came ovah and we set about, as the song** says, stone-cold munchin'.

Since you're all curious here's the menu:

Prosciutto-wrapped breadsticks
Tuscan bean dip (with thyme, EVOO, hint o' lemon, and garlic) on "sheet bread"
Insalata Caprese
Cappellini with sun-dried tomato pesto
Bistecca alla Fiorentina
Gorgonzola w. honey & walnuts
Cappuccino & Espresso

It was all good and I was surprised how much was NOT left behind.

Today we have to pack for Poppyville. (YAY!)

Then the thought hit me. I have only a couple of weeks or so until TFBIM and tax season and I start becoming a SAHD*** until, basically, May. I had been so wrapped up in all the work stuff and then Christmas and then the trip to Poppyville that I hadn't spared it a thought. I still think it's funny that it's me, The Dad, who goes to all the "room mother" things and all that. As far as I can tell there's only another one of those at NOS's school, and he's a kept man if appearances are anything to go by.

Besides the SAHD realization, Christmas has been amazingly stress-free. Normally I don't stress so much (I mean, there's "reflected stress" but it's only natural when people are hollering at you in an adrenalin-fueled panic.) but even so, this year people have mostly left me alone and/or behaved themselves, which is priceless. Even the gifts weren't notably awful.

It helps to have have a division of labor for Christmas and a rote response to one's assigned tasks. F'rinstance, in my case there are four things that MUST be done:

1- Send out cards. Not sending cards is not an option. Cards must go out. Hence the maimerge thing. (Those who get the printed versions are people who generally wouldn't know to get offended by them and if they did, the matter wouldn't weigh heavily upon my conscience.)

2- Shopping for Christmas gifts throughout the year. This is key. I bought Poppy's gift in April. We'll be glad to be rid of it, too.

3- Bring down the heavy Christmas Stuff boxes.

4- Shop for food. Cook.

This year I didn't get to bake those yummy cookies, or go shopping for stocking stuffers. Which I would have liked to have done, but, hey, life happens.

So it all feels weird, waiting for the comedown that usually hits after a hectic-ish few days. Only these few days weren't hectic, so the comedown shan't arrive.

But now, darlings, I must leave you. I have to pack .



* I remember how hard TFBIM sobbed when Y. was diagnosed with MS.
** The song being Young MC's "Bust A Move."
*** "Pretend widower" is closer to the mark.


Badger said…

(a) I am making your shredded granny pnaties for dinner tonight. The brisket has been "poaching" in the crock pot for about 12 hours now.
(b) I fervently hope NEXT Christmas will be stress-free por moi as well, because (1) we aren't entertaining anyone here and (2) our only trip out of town SHOULD be 3-4 days duration, max.
(c) Have fun with the Poppies! And how she thinks she'll be able to keep up the 12 Days of Blogmas thing with YOU in town, I have no idea.
Stomper Girl said…
I'm intrigued that you are viewing the forthcoming stint as SAHD with such stress.

Does this mean (a) you've done it before and know how stressful it can be or (b) you love your work so much that you will feel lost without it or (c) insert other reason here???
Joke said…
(c) Because I haven't gotten into SAHD frame of mind.

(a) is not quite right, because I simply don't know enough to be stressed in this area of my life. (Of course, if NTS spontaneously combusted, I'd be stressed...)

I find a lot of it aggravating as Hell, but to me aggravation is not stressful. Yes, I split hairs.

(b) is not right because everyone who knows me knows I hate work. Not MY work. ALL work. The Bible clearly points out God made work as punishment, and I'll be damned (literally!) if I disagree with Him.



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