Today, being the first day of SAHDness 2007, I got curious and went to check out this blog's stats.

Two surprising facts:

1- I have 18 readers from the UK. Successful lurkers to a person. In 25 months and 720something posts, they have managed to stay utterly silent.

2- I have a reader from Iran. As in, yeah, THAT Iran. If I am in some way responsible for these guys overthrowing their gummint, then cool. Fortunately I have posted no sensitive materials, unless excellent recipes can be used as means of global conquest.

One non-surprising fact:

Australia leads the world in the least lurky readers. Fully 80% of the Australian readers comment, a feat unmatched by any other nation. In fact, no other nation even approaches the possibility of perhaps coming even remotely close.



Carolyn said…
Wow, I didn't even realize it was possible to know where people were visiting from.

OT, started the melatonin tonight. Might start it on the seven-year old if she doesn't go the heck to sleep.
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oy,Oy, Oy!!

(a phrase I would never utter out loud, by the way: it seemed apt)
Stomper Girl said…
I think I'm proud to come from the "Least Lurky" nation.
Joke said…
Damned insomniacs, too!

Poppy Buxom said…
Your American lurkers want to know what stats reader you're using.

I know, because I speak for them.
Joke said…
Statcounter.com, I think. It's the one Badger suggested.

Statcounter is good, but I think Sitemeter is a tiny bit more modest and honest...

I confess: I'm a stats freak. Scroll down to the bottom of my page, I have about five down there including a very pretty one that makes petals grow and drop off to match the page count...
Joke said…
For how little I check, I couldn't possibly be bothered to switch.

h&b said…

We rule.

I rarely look at my stats either, although I do know the UK is tight-lipped in the commenting region.

They stare at me too, but don't utter a word. Do you think they are agog with blog-envy ?

I do.
Joke said…
Canadians are also notoriously silent. Daysgoby is the only Canada-based commenter, and she's not a native (nor has she assimilated their strange, taciturn ways).

I'll have to ask sociologists why this is so.


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