For the lovely and gracious Blackbird

Many of you will recall what bb had posted a couple of days back. (See Exhibit A) She asked the musical question of what these things were and how they ought be used.


Being a tropical foodie, I figured I'd lend a hand. This way the suspense level in Tuvalu may be brought down a peg or two.

Maracuya' is "passion fruit" (incidentally, a key ingredient in the Hurricane cocktail) almost never found fresh north of, say, Palm Beach. Invariably it's sold in frozen pulp form and found wherever you have a strong Caribbean population and/or foodies; and here are a couple of ways to use said pulp:

Passion Fruit Marinade/Grilling Sauce

6 oz. Passion fruit pulp (mostly thawed)
4 Tbsp. finely minced scallions (up to the TENDER dark green parts only)
2 Tbsp. chopped cilantro (coriander leaf)
6-8 Tbsp. lime juice (depending on your taste)
6 Tbsp. EVOO
Salt and pepper to taste

Put the first 4 ingredients in a bowl and s-l-o-w-l-y whisk in the EVOO. You want to emulsify this as much as you can. Taste and add the S&P to taste. Allow the flavors to develop for a few hours before using, for best effect. This is ideal marinade/grilling glaze/baste/sauce for grilled shellfish or mahi-mahi/swordfish. (Figure on having a cup of sauce) Obviously, do not mix the stuff that touched raw fish with the stuff that didn't. It can also serve, sans oil, as an excellent ceviche base, but you MUST have impeccably fresh fish.

Passion Fruit Cooler

1 package passion fruit pulp, mostly thawed
1 gallon filtered water (sparkling water is a nice touch)
1 cup sugar
8 Meyer Lemons, juiced (or 4 oranges and 4 regular lemons) and peel reserved
White rum/tequila or vodka (figure on a rough 24 oz. for 12-16 people, you may adjust the quantity up or down...and I prefer Cruzan white rum)

Make a simple syrup with 1 cup boiling water and the sugar. Take off the heat and add the peels to the cooling syrup. Once cooled, combine the syrup with the juice(s) and the pulp; you may add the liquor now or allow people to mix their own later. Divide into the requisite number of highball glasses, over ice and top with (sparkling?) water and a lemon slice.

There, better?



Badger said…
We get fresh passion fruit ovah heah too. (And yet, no hurricanes! Except the kind you drink!)

What would the pulp-to-fresh conversion be for that cooler thingie? Because I think I need me some of THAT.
blackbird said…
K is especially delighted as he is keen on passion fruit.

many many thanks.
Joke said…
One frozen pulp pack = 12-15 fresh passion fruits.

Warning: Extracting the pulp from a fresh passion fruit is a colossal PITA.

Suse said…
Good lord, I don't visit for a couple of days and come back to find you're renovating bathroom AND kitchen and drinking coke. Sheesh. I will watch with interest as we are about to redo our hideous kitchen, and one day will tackle our unbelievably awful bathroom too.

I always had a fantasy of a kitchen with huge terracotta flagstones, white cupboards and wood benchtops, with navy accessories. In our city house we almost did it - but we had wooden floors (dark timber), white cupboards which I would NEVER do again (as someone else said, you spend all day cleaning them) and dark wood benchtops. And my accessories were/are cobalt because you cannot buy a navy blue kettle.

This time I'm not sure, but it will be stainless steel appliances, and probably wooden benches again but I'm stuck on the cupboards. And the floors are brick here. Cabinet maker comes on Tuesday to look suggest and quote. V.exciting!

Oh and I read in a recent post your foodies magazines arrived? Er, from here? If so, that was QUICK.
Suse said…
PS. What are you talking about? Passionfruit pulp is a cinch to extract!

(Every second garden here has a passionfruit vine growing over the shed).

PPS. Cannot believe that you of all people drink coke. Am appalled.
Joke said…

I'm not redoing all of these at once. Just the boys' bathroom, since it has become -- quite literally -- unusable.

Alas, the only foodie magazines to arrive are the "usual" ones.

After four Coke-free days I have stopped having involuntary spasms and scratching my tracks.

Badger said…
Yeah, what up with the pulp difficulty? Don't you just scoop it out with a spoon?
Joke said…
You have to scoop it out with a spoon and then carefully sieve it to get rid of the seeds. For one or two it's not bad. To make a gallon of some beverage? That way lies madness.


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