Oh, frabjous day!

Not all recent news from Australia are bleak. Today I received, from the lovely and gracious Suse, not one, but TWO Australian foodie magazines: Gourmet Traveller and Donna Hay Magazine.

Suse: You know that if it were allowable (and feasible) I'd send you the complete crop of bananas from my very own yard. You are a princess.

I am inexpressively thrilled and grateful.




Kim said…
Oo oo - is it the March issue of Gourmet? Which has crab cakes, vanilla passionfruit slice and a feature on Southern American food?
Joke said…
Alas, no. It is the Feb. issue, with some sort of tomato tart thing on the cover.

Which reminds me that I meant to get some crabmeat (wishing to have crabcakes on Friday) and I completely blanked on the matter.


Suse said…
No Kim, I sent him the February issue because as everyone knows, February is always the FAST AND SIMPLE issue.

Mwah ha ha ha ha.


Oh, and Joke, we have bananas again at $2 per kilo. Praise the lord. So thank you for kind offer but we are overdosing on nanas happily once more.
Kim said…
I would very much like to know how you make crab cakes. I have never made them before but always wanted to.
Joke said…

I'll try to post the recipe. It's dead simple stuff. (Crabmeat, some sort of bread, mayo, seasonings...shaped into a thickish disk and pan-fried.)

Details to ensue.


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