Aw, dammit.

Today is the most loathsome day of the year.

[stream of grumbled profanities]



Badger said…
We are loving it ovah heah, especially since it came right at the beginning of Spring Break this yeah.
daysgoby said…
Every year, there is a huge hubbub and cry in Nova S "We're not planters! Why do we need to cycle with the earth?"
and every year the government shoots it down because
(and you'll LOVE this)
it's believed that international businesses would have a hard time coping with having businesses in the States and in Canada being on two separate time zones.

Foo to the whole bunch.
meggie said…
I found DGB's comment particularly odd. We have differnt time zones here in the States in Australia!
Queensland refuses to 'get in behind' NSW.
They used to have a Premier who refused to change it. The joke was 'everyone knew where the sun shone from in QLD, & he would NOT be rising an hour ealier for anyone'. He is long gone, but they still wont change.

At risk of being stoned to death, I actually like it, here.
Joke said…

I hypothesize one has to be stoned to like it.

Over here, Arizona refuses to go along. Indiana used to refuse as well, but they caved when the state gummint switched parties.

erica said…
i love it.
sunshine day.. everyone is happy!

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