The internet is contagious.

Yesterday, it seems, was a day devoted to pedriatic adventures. NOS had a follow-up at the pediatric endocrinologist, where the diagnosis of "late bloomer" has been confirmed. Basically, he is growing just fine, albeit at a slow pace. Considering that TFBIM didn't ::cough, cough:: read The Red Badge of Courage until she was about 15 and my puberty was held up by the Customs people, the doctor said it is to be expected and nothing to worry about and then, in an aside told NOS to eat his vegetables or all bets were off.

Because he is a slow grower -- and not a Bonsai Boy -- he is still growing and has grown out of some of his dressed-up clothes. When we first started getting him dressy stuff we were somewhat assuaged by the fact that he was likely to not wear them out before he had grown them out and, therefore, NTS could get excellent use out of same. (To hedge our bets, we went out and got decent stuff and not cheapies, so as to optimize our chances for pediatric sartorial longevity.) Which is true, to a point, with NTS not being a slow grower and mo' athletic* than NOS.

But anyway, NOS has a few events coming up over the next months and these events inescapably call for, at a bare minimum, a new blazer and flannels and possibly a suit. So off we went. We managed to score a nice (and, more importantly, cool) seersucker suit he loved because "It's like making a suit out of pajamas." We also managed to find some lightweight grey wool trousers** but no go on the blazer, size-wise.

We grabbed a couple of ties and we were good to go.

NOS was very impressed with the fact the first time he went to some event all dressed up, the girls took note and wouldn't leave him alone. While at the time, being (literally) cornered and kissed by 7-8 girls didn't strike him as all that much fun, time seems to have moderated his views on the matter, although he has hinted he prefers being allowed to have an input in this sort of thing. Clearly a broadminded lad.

NTS, was in a not-exactly-crabby mood, but once he realized he was going to tag along for errand-making purposes, voiced his displeasure. Only when we stopped to effect the purchase of victuals (where he realized that treats generally follow exhibiting acceptable behavior) did he calm down. Which worked out well, because he had to try the various clothes once we got home.

To a dad, nothing says "my boy is growing up" more than the lad shedding outgrown raiments in favor of new ones. Much like a lobster, I suppose. The older a boy gets, the less awkwardly cut the clothes become (have you seen a blazer cut for a 4 year old?) and the more of a "young man" he looks. You see, using NOS as an example, that he stands differently, looks at his surroundings differently and just has a different bearing than he had just a few months back.

While we were doing the try-on thing, I switched my attentions to NTS who needed help wrestling into a jacket. NOS was looking at us, leaned up against the doorframe, hands in his pockets and legs crossed at the ankle, taking the scene in a benevolently detached way.

NTS, too. Normally he considers dress-up clothes to be KGB torture devices but he was actually keeping still and not trying to rend his garments in a move to escape.

It's a good thing my wife wasn't around to see the try-on, because she would have started bawling and saying things like "my little baby!" causing NOS to roll his eyes and possibly detach his retinae. Which would necessitate a visit to the doctor and, frankly, the Internet has had all it can take of that.


* NTS is 3" shorter and 3 lb. heavier than NOS, even though he is 18 months younger. And they are both VERY lean -- as in "look at my six-pack."
** The current ones, TFBIM decided to hem and, um, she left herself with a nonexistent margin for vertical growth.


Sarah O. said…
Good to see that you're teaching the boys to enjoy the art of dressing up. The only thing that confuses me is, why not tuxedos?

Mr. Lemon tells me that he was a late bloomer and that his dentist (?!?) recommended Human Growth Hormone. He didn't take any and not only went through puberty anyway but grew to 6' 6".

So there, doubters.
Poppy Buxom said…
What size navy blue blazer would you have wanted me to pass on? Young Master Buxom is currently wearing a 14. I may have a 12 and a 10 lurking about.
Stomper Girl said…
Oh my God, I am slow! I thought you were embarrassed because your wife was a late reader!
Joke said…

NOS is roughly a size 8. Maybe you could offload it to someone else "on temporary loan"?

Poppy Buxom said…
OK, I'm not going to laugh. I'm really not.

But I don't know anyone with a son in that small a size.

(It's not because NOS is small; it's because my friends--and their children--are old.)
Joke said…
NOS, damn him, likes being this size. He claims it'll be useful in pursuing a career in astronautery.


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