Oh, and another thing.

Today, being The Day After* started out as a lot of damned fun. But then yesterday finished up as being a lot of fun, also.

Y'see, the Joke chillun are not stupid. They know they are being fooled by their parents when they say it's bedtime and yet it's light out, or that it's dinnertime when the sun is visible or, more importanmtly, that it's time to awaken -- remember, they didn't go to sleep until the light faded from the heavens -- when it's dark out.

So, not being stupid, they become impassioned recusants. Which led me to issue threats and howl warnings of impending loss of privileges and in NOS's case, of heading schoolwards in an unbreakfasted** state.

Still, I reserve my bile for whomever was the cretin who came up with this harebrained scheme, as toxic and noxious (albeit in a different way) as the income tax or the speed limit. Why daylight ought be saved has never been satisfactorily explained to me, save by NOS who touts its magical abilities to allow him to play longer outside. Somehow, this roseate view abandoned him this morning as I attempted (with the bare minimum success) to roust him out and get him out the door.

Because I think I should boycott the entire enterprise, yesterday I didn't adjust my watch, I changed watches. A while ago I managed to get two very nice watches, almost identical, on eBay. I say "almost" because one had a white face and the other the black one. So, in the spirit of protest and "petition for the redress of grievances" I wear the black faced watch throughout our ordeal.

In other news, today I celebrate my 200th post to be consigned to the draft pile.


* i.e., postapocalyptic.
** TFBIM would stand in the doorway with a dagger at ther own slender throat rather than allow anyone a breakfast-free egress.


Sarah O. said…
Oooo, we had the "loss of priviledges" discussion last night, too. Of course, it didn't help the kids' body clocks that Mom couldn't get dinner together until 8:00 because the sun was still up so it wasn't time to fix dinner yet.

And it sure didn't help that not only was the sun not up when the alarm clock buzzed this morning but that it's very cloudy and gloomy.

AND I'm still grouchy from missing an hour of sleep and because my allegedly-set-to-central-time 30-pound hanging on the wall behind my desk Atomic Clock still has the wrong ti - WAIT! It's got the right time now! The Clock God woke up!

There's hope after all.
Stomper Girl said…
Boy, Mister-Black-Faced-Watch, you sure are grumpy about this daylight savings thing. No way am I going to stick my head up and say how much I love it. No way.
Badger said…
You're protesting by ... wearing a different watch?

Way to stick it to the man, dude.
Kim said…
I haven't commented much of late, but wanted to let you know that I'm reading, and enjying it very much.
Joke said…
It's more of a mourning than a protest thing. After I overthrow the tax code, root and branch, we'll discuss it.

Alas, moving to Arizona is not an option at the moment.

Poppy Buxom said…
1. Daylight Savings is Ben Franklin's fault. He invented it along with bifocal glasses, energy-efficient closed stoves, free public libraries, volunteer fire departments, and witty aphorisms. He wanted to save people money on candles and such. He didn't anticipate electric light or insomniac computer geeks.

2. BUY #1 SON A WATCH. Hell, lend him two or three of yours. Let him get all interested in watches and hey presto! He will know what time it is.
Joke said…
1- Bastard.

2- He knows what time it is. The problem is his failure (or, if you will, his lack of desire) to do anything about it.

Poppy Buxom said…
OK, then allow me to edit my second recommendation:

2. BUY HIM A WATCH that says "It's time for a spanking!"
Joke said…
That sounds like something found at the KidGap in the Castro district.


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