Why we fight write. UPDATED

I was gamboling about the blogosphere, more or less minding my own business, when I stopped by Tere's blog and it got me thinking of "Hmm. Exactly why do I do this whole blogging thing." The very lovely and extremely gracious Poppy, charming cynic* that she is, would say it's because I am enraptured by the (so to speak) sound of my own voice.

Well, yeah, OK, there is that.

There are people who blog as an escape valve, to relieve some sort of pressure. "I blog to stay sane" goes the refrain. Others do so to locate, gravitate and coalesce with others who may be like-minded (The teeming masses of excellent knitters and/or rabid readers spring to mind.) or have similar issues/challenges (children with special needs, say) in their lives.

To ascertain why I blog (and rather frequently, too) to say nothing of the reveling in combox chatter** as well as for whom do I write when I do, the best I can do is give Poppy partial credit. But also, blogging keeps me out of trouble. 99% of the trouble in which I have ever found myself has sprung directly from being bored out of my skull and -- surprise --I get bored very easily. Along these lines, I think of myself as an evangelist for geniality and an apostle of civilized behavior. With that as a starting point, as people sort of became fellow-travelers of this blog, I guess I write/wrote with them in mind; to find ways of phrasing things or choosing what to mention so that it would prove pleasant reading therefor, became important.

So, I invariably steer clear of religion and politics and weighty stuff. Technically, it can be said I also stay away from introspective sorts of posts, but that only because I am not sure at what point introspection becomes navel-gazing and it's a whole lot easier to give the entire subject a complete miss. So, if someone comes here to see me ponder my role in the world, to read about me philosophize of what it's like to be the only X in a world of Z they likely will leave quietly after a short while. (For example, all the brigades of readers who came over after shaveblog.com gave me a plug are pretty much gone, dejected to see an near dearth of shave-related information.)

My job here, therefore, is to entertain. Sort of. Maybe you laugh, maybe you scratch your head, maybe you get some useful cookery info. But whatever woe was weighing you down might have felt a little lighter for a few minutes, which is cool.

This reminds me I have been remiss in a foodie way. Not my fault. I was going to do a whole steak-frites post, but my camera's battery went belly-up just as I was about to start in on my paean to the flatiron steak and how to make oven fries*** that are better than the deep-fried kind.

So, um, mea culpa.


* "I'm not a cynic," is what Poppy might say "I just know you too damned well. Idiot."
** The two are not really related. Some people post often but never start/join the combox converstions, others are the opposite.
*** The gist of the recipe -- there will be more detailed instruction, I promise--is to cut the potatoes (russet, but all I had were Yukon Gold, and this was still good) into 1/2" x 1/2" fries -- chips to the rest of the Anglosphere -- and then put them to (wait for it!) steam until they are pliably floppy, about 8 min. I used stacking steamers and I inverted the top and bottom baskets midway through. Put them in one layer over paper towels and pat dry. Gently! Give them a quick, light dusting with cornstarch and then toss into a preheated roasting pan coated with oil (I prefer peanut, but you do whatever) and sprinkle some more oil, just a bare minimum. Toss. Throw back in oven at 375F. Cook for 12 min., then put on the broiler and blast it for 3-5 minutes. Take out, put on paper towels and sprinkle with coarse salt.


Sarah O. said…
Thank you for the mission statement.

I blog because I like my readers.

I read blogs because I like to snoop.
Badger said…
Alrighty, well I feel compelled to point out that you talk ALL THE DAMN TIME about what it's like to be the only X in a world full of Z. Or maybe I'm just reading too deeply between the lines. (See, if you were a serum-patting metrosexual, you wouldn't have any! Lines! Geddit? Har har!)

And also, get right on that oven-baked frites thingie, will you? I am sure our pal Jaye is anticipating that one as much as I am.
Joke said…

You are reading way mo' deeply between the lines. Other than the Annual Start of SAHD Season, I kinda don't do that at all.

The oven frites were so good, I thought I was being unfaithful to my wife at a party at Hef's. And I used the wrong potatoes, so imagine when I actually use the correct (i.e. russet) potatoes.

Stomper Girl said…
You've got to write for yourself, don't you? You'd go nuts trying to please the masses, especially when some of the masses just lurk there and don't say anything.

Anyway, if you see it as your blogging mission to entertain, then I think you have it covered.
Joke said…

I write the way I write for my own amusement. I write about what I write for those who come and mill about joyfully in my combox.

Tere said…
You made me think about how important humor is to me in my writing. I personally love my sense of humor (though I acknowledge I may not really be all that funny), and I employ it a great deal in my writing, whether it's to alleviate a serious moment (which I do all the time IRL), or to just be funny.
meggie said…
I like the fact that sometimes there is a veritable stampede in your combox!
Joke said…
I must say that I really love combox chatter. My greatest bloggy thrill is seeing an entry with eleventy zillion comments and in particular when other people "talk amongst themselves."

Particularly delightful is seeing said conversations continue even after a new entry or two have been posted.

Now, I try not only to be funny, but also to be "light" and, generally speaking, not touch upon anything is is much too serious or too confessional.

Although I may weigh in with something serious or confessional in someone else's combox, just to flex that part of my brain.

My float said…
Love the comment box discussions. Not as much as I love your posts, I hasten to add. (Sheesh, nearly got into trouble there!)

You amuse and inform.

The End.
My float said…
Note to self: Stop leaving comments on people's blogs after 10pm - what sounds amusing at the time sounds snarky in the cold harsh light of day.

I read your blog because it is laugh out loud amusing, and very witty. Everything else is a bonus.
Joke said…
Snarky = amusing.

Caro said…
I blog for lots of reasons.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to go into people's houses and see how they lived.

Now I get to, kind of.

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