WARNING! Serious post (with exactly zero humor upside) follows. I'm even turning off comments on this one.

Today, ANZAC Day, marks the anniversary of the Australia & New Zealand Army Corps landing at Gallipoli during the first World War. Now, being a hopeless Yank, the first I'd ever heard of this was via the Mel Gibson film Gallipoli. But as I grew in my knowledge of WWI (about which I have promised a very, very long being -- IMCO -- one of the greatest ruptures in history, certainly the biggest one of the last 200 years) I got an appreciation for the hardships endured and the heroism displayed.

It's also important to note, particularly from THIS side of the equator and THIS side of the International Date Line, that this commemoration expands (or ought to) our view of humanity. Too often we think of "our heroes who gave their lives for their country" and forget that we have friends who went into it alongside us, who also gave their lives for their country and in doing so made that sacrifice not just for their country but for the whole world.

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